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Tips On Wallpaper Toughies
Get the right tips for wallpaper success, even around those tough corners.

How to Drive like a Professional Race Car Driver
How to Drive like a Professional Race Car Driver

Wallpaper Tips- Get it Done Right
Wallpaper removal tips and application pointers from the pros will give you the best results out there.

All About Grout
Everything you need to know about grout from non shrink grout to grouting floor tiles, and a few grouting tips.

How to Wallpaper
DIY wallpaper- because learning how to hang wallpaper is easier than you think.

Wallpaper Techniques
Learn wallpaper tips and the best wallpaper techniques for quick and easy DIY wallpapering.

Koi Care- Because You Care
Koi care: Natural koi pond accessories, maintenance and care.

How to Grout
Learn how to grout with our helpful grouting tips and tile grout guide.

Wire Colors- Know the Code
The wire color code made simple.

How To Build A Koi Fish Pond
Bob Williams gives tips on koi pond construction and why you should use natural stone for koi pond par excellence.

Pool Opening Guide
Pool opening done right.

How to Build a Retaining Wall
Know how to build a retaining wall? You will soon!

Bathtub Refinishing
Join Bob for some bathtub reglazing tips from the bathtub refinish experts.

How To Clean Mold Away For Good
How to get rid of mold for good.

The Day The Molds Moved Out
Mold, molds go away, DON'T come back another day. Mold removal and prevention.

Fireplace Crystals
Light up the night with effervescent fireplace crystals.

DIY Heating Plumbing
All about diy heating plumbing and radiant heating.

Fireplace Accessories Explained
For the fireplace enthusiast who's just getting started, here are some fireplace accessories, necessary vocab. and purchasing tips to ensure you get the right fireplace tools

How To Stay Warm And Keep Your House Safe This Winter
Psst. Want to know how to stay warm this winter? Here are 10 tips to stay warm and still have some cash leftover for food.

Power tool Reviews and Buying Guide
Get power tool reviews from the one and only Uncle Bob

How To Pick The Wrong Power Tools
Find out the five best ways to pick the wrong power tool. . .and how to avoid them!

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing
Concrete driveway resurfacing ideas, tips, and secrets to transform your old driveway!

Cabinet Painting System
Add new color and life to your rooms with a cabinet painting system!

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade Pieces
For a great looking yard, learn how to sharpen lawn mower blade pieces quickly and easily.

Salt-Water Generators
With salt-water generators, you can experience all the benefits of chlorine with none of the drawbacks!

How To Fix Lawn Mowers
Finally, some helpful information on how to fix lawn mowers.

The Ten Best Ways To Buy The Wrong Mattress Part II
Ten mistakes you don't want to make when buying a mattress. Learn the ten best ways to buy the wrong mattress.

Epoxy, The Other Garage Flooring Option
How do I know if epoxy flooring is for me?

Garage Flooring Options: Epoxy
How to know if epoxy flooring is for you.

Choosing The Right Garage Flooring. . .The First Time.
Choosing the right garage flooring. . .the first time.

10 Best Ways To Buy The Wrong Mattress
10 best ways to buy the wrong mattress.

Work Parties, It's Not An Oxymoron, Just Smart Networking
The 7 best ways to get free home improvement help from your friends with work parties.

How To Stucco
Everything you could want to know about stucco around the house.

Stove Range Clocks And Timers
Never miss an appointment, burn a cake, or lose track of time again. Discover what stove range clocks and timers can do for you!

Decorative Wooden Shelves For Happier Homes
Discover the secret to happiness with decorative wall shelves, combining aesthetics and function. Your life may never be the same.

Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets; the key to a functional kitchen, and what to do when you haven't got 'em.

Wind Generators
Learn how to save money, maximize power, reduce electric bills, and transform your world with the excellence of wind generators.

Kitchen Design Options: Countertops
From cabinets to countertops, how to create the perfect kitchen design.

Honda Generators
Honda is a company we all know and trust. Here's what there is to know about the Honda generator, and how to fix it when it finally does hit a bump.

Chimney Wear And Care
Everything you need to know about your chimney: the good, the bad and the smugly.

Yamaha Generators
Yamaha generators are the cleanest and quietest machines in the business. Take a look at some of the top of the line parts and special features, and see why they've won this name.

Fireplace Maintenance
Quick and easy fireplace maintenance tips that you can do on your own.

Portable Generators
Don't be kept in the dark, use portable generators to brighten up your day (or night)!

Generators: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Everything you need to know about designing and creating your own landscape.

Patio Surface Materials
Learn about all your options in patio surface materials, and how to create the patio of your dreams.

Bathroom Lighting
Everything you'll ever need to know about bathroom lighting. . .and maybe a little more!

Bathroom Vanities Part Two
DIY bathroom vanities made easy part two.

Bathroom Vanities
Have a design option in mind that is just above your budget? Don't despair, use these tips for DIY bathroom vanities, and think out of the toolbox!

Garage Doors
From materials to mechanisms, here's everything you need to know to get the garage doors that are best for you.

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