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Accent rug
Accent rugs are all the rage in today's rug industry. A simple way to update, change, contrast, enhance, introduce or embellish any type of indoor or outdoor décor, accent rugs are an interior decorator's delight;

round rug
Are you going in circles trying to find the perfect rug for your floors? Try rounding out your interior décor with popular round rugs! Round rugs are the perfect solution for remodeling or for decorating a room for the first time without the expense of major renovations.

Indian rug
Impressive Indian rugs weave a fascinating thread of Indian rug history. Here is the low down on top-notch Indian rugs.

Logo rugs
People everywhere are logging into trendy, tasteful, fashion-forward logo rugs

Wholesale rugs
Wholesale rugs are available in an array of inviting designs, colors and constructions, all ready to meet your budget.

Decorative rugs
Decorative rugs are taking flooring in bold new directions. Mixing centuries old rug making techniques with modern, transitional and traditional designs, decorative rugs are a wise investment in comfort and craftsmanship.

These DigiPrint NASCAR rugs are produced using a dye injection directly into a nylon carpet, creating NASCAR logos that are permanent and that won't wear off over time.

Rug outlets
Rug outlets are the place to hang out to get quality rugs at prices that will "floor" you

Silk rugs
Silk rugs remain exquisite objects of desire, status and timeless allure. For beauty you can walk on, softness you can sink into, glamour you can gaze upon, and elegance par excellence, select shimmering silk rugs today

Machine made rugs
Machine made rugs, also known as machine woven or loom woven rugs, are rugs woven on power looms operated either by hand, machine, or computer. Machine-made rugs are all the rage in the rug industry due to the immense variety of sizes, colors, and designs available with machine made rugs.

Rug Doctor
The Rug Doctor Company was established in 1972. At the time the company started manufacturing its unique carpet-cleaning machine.

Native American Rugs
Native Indian Rugs can be used as floor coverings or as wall hanging decorations.

Penny Rugs
No penny rugs are not necessarily cheap nor do they sport images of pennies on them. So what are these mysterious items? These are colorful appliques made out of scraps of preshrunk felt wool.

Sea Grass Rugs
Bring the outdoors into your home with a sea grass rug.

bearskin rugs
For a rustic, natural look at home, the office or in the cabin, roll out the carpet for genuine bearskin rugs. A wildlife lover's favorite, bearskin rugs are made from the pelt of a real bear and there are as many species of bear rugs as there are bears!

Momeni rugs
Momeni rugs' solid reputation for rug excellence walks before them. Don't get left behind when it comes to the realm of rugs: Invest in Momeni rugs today

Custom area rugs and tips
Custom area rugs! These custom carpets are custom made to your specifications with the help of custom area rug specialists and interior design consultants.

Sphinx Rugs
Sphinx rugs have the sophistication of hand-made rugs yet maintain the price of machine made pieces.

Braided Area Rug
A braided area rug warms up cold homes as well as adorning your home with its unique beauty.

Couristan rugs
For a rug whose style and good taste knows no bounds, choose a Couristan rug today.

Shag Rugs
The shag look is back with fluffy, super-soft shag rugs. Recreating the look of the 60's and 70's, shag rugs today are as popular as ever.

Surfboard rugs
Do practice "pop-ups": Why not? Surfboard rugs are the same size and shape as real surfboards.

Antique Rug Gallery New York
Rug gazing has never been grander than in antique rug galleries in New York. New York, the epicenter of style, taste and high class, is host to a host of antique and semi-antique rug galleries.

Rugs New York
Now lower prices -- Want to add fashion and flair to your floors? Why not shop for rugs at the epicenter of style, taste and high fashion - shop for rugs in New York!

Tufted rugs
Tufted rug production creates highly durable and accurate, handmade rugs that are fit to weather foot traffic for years to come. Hand-tufted rugs are a popular, economical alternative to hand-knotted or Oriental rugs.

Sheepskin Rugs
Treat your feet to luxurious sheepskin rugs from the heart of New Zealand. Amazingly soft, yet highly durable and resilient, sheepskin rugs are crafted from the world's finest, high-grade New Zealand merino wool.

Southwestern Rugs
Southwestern rugs lie on the fringe of Southwest Indian art, the most distinctive and best-known Native American artistic tradition.

Antique Rug Restoration
One of the floor facts of life is that antique rugs are rarely in perfect original condition. Inevitably, antique rugs will require some antique rug restoration or repair. Pre-1800 antique rugs and carpets almost always show wear and damage -holes, tears, fraying - that have been more or less skillfully repaired or restored at some time in the past.

Hearth rugs
Want to add some heat to your fireplace? Now you can warm your feet, your home and your fireplace with the hottest, latest trend in interior home decorating: Hearthrugs!

Throw rugs
Throw rugs: A recipe for success! Here's the dish on throw rugs: Buy an inexpensive small area rug. Add a measure of good taste.

Mohawk rugs
To step on a Mohawk rug is to be steeped in over 120 years of Mohawk rug tradition.

Area rugs
Area rugs: Finding a great rug has never been easier!

Antique rugs
Antique rugs have longtime been the objects of fascination, desire, and status for rug owners worldwide. Here are some real rug facts about authentic, antique rugs.

Navajo rugs
Navajo rugs: A source of Native American pride. Find discounted prices here.

Oriental Textiles Rugs
This article on Oriental textiles rugs will help you get your floor facts straight!

Inexpensive Area Rugs
Why not get creative with inexpensive area rugs!

Cheap Rugs
With cheap rugs, you can have beautiful floors without blowing your budget.

Designer Rugs
Designer rugs, originated by artists, fashion designers, and rug weavers of the highest caliber, are becoming the top choice in rugs for discerning rug buyers.

Flokati Rugs
Fluffy, deep pile Flokati rugs are made from 100 percent New Zealand wool, considered by many to be the finest wool in the world.

Capel Rugs
A family tradition since 1917, Capel Rugs Inc. continues to floor the rug industry with their eclectic array of top-notch Capel area rugs, offering one of the most diverse rug collections in the world.

Discount Rugs
Want to beautify your floors without blowing your budget? Invest today in decorative discount rugs!

Bath Rugs
The lowly rug is getting a lift - with bath rugs!

Outdoor Rugs
Live in luxury in your own backyard with the latest in rug regalia - outdoor rugs!

Persian Rugs
Persian rugs, by far the most superior rugs on the rug market, have always been and continue to be an intrinsic part of Iranian culture.

Rug Pads
Rug pads do more than just keep your rugs from slip-sliding away. Non-slip rug pads are a wise investment that prolong the life of your rugs by protecting your floors.

Rag Rugs
While rag rugs are typically made by crocheting strips of fabric into a large circle, crocheting isn't the only means for making rag rugs.

Country Rugs
Today, the terms "country rugs", "country living rugs", or "country style rugs" refer to any rug with a rustic, country or floral design that adds comfort and coziness to your home.

Kids Rugs
Kids rugs come in a wide array of rug colors, shapes, patterns and designs for kids of any young age.

Children's Rugs
Colorful children's rugs add fashion, fun and functionality to your children's favorite floors.

Braided Rugs
Braided rugs are area rugs made by braiding strips of fabric together, they are the perfect accent to any room.

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