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Are you going in circles trying to find the perfect rug for your floors? Try rounding out your interior décor with popular round rugs! Round rugs are the perfect solution for remodeling or for decorating a room for the first time without the expense of major renovations. Use round rugs on any hard floor, over wall-to-wall carpet or under furniture. Make round rugs a focal point as the center of attention, use them to cover up wear and tear on your old rugs, or let round rugs accentuate any existing decorating scheme. Experiment with colorful round rugs to add a splash of color to your favorite rooms, set your décor straight with traditional round rugs, sink into softness with plush, shaggy round rugs, or relax in the comforting company of country style round rugs. For a real turn-around, give your room a complete makeover and change it from Plain Jane and Simple Simon to hip, hop and happening with modish modern round rugs!

When it comes to rug shapes, don't be square and limit yourself to conventional square or rectangular rugs. Let your feet walk take a walk on the wild side and invest in circular or round rugs. For a look that is really out of this world, invest in half-moon shaped rugs or semi-circle rugs. A round or oval shaped rug in a roomful of square furnishings can also make a bold statement. Circle back in time and check out this history of round rugs. Round rugs are unique and rare. The oldest round rug is a sixteenth-century Mamluk rug. Mamluk rugs were woven in Egypt and have complex geometric designs with large medallions. Round rugs were also woven in French Aubusson and Savonnerie styles in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The most common layout in round rugs is medallion.

Round rugs allow you to soften square and rectangular edges that lend a sharp feeling to a room, round rugs create larger looking areas, and round rugs open up smaller spaces. Round rugs can be easily coordinated with oval rugs, and round rugs are particularly popular under dining room tables and in foyers. Choose round rugs with a subtle pattern if surrounded by busy furnishings with ornate patterns, or select round rugs with a central medallion in less busy rooms. Round rugs compliment rocking chairs while protecting your floors from scratching and denting.

The array of round rug styles and fibers available is so vast it will make your head spin! To ground you, here is the lowdown on some of the many round rugs you can find today: Look for wool round rugs; nylon round rugs; cotton round rugs; silk round rugs; New Zealand wool round rugs; sheepskin round rugs; Flokati round rugs; shaggy round rugs; Ultra shag round rugs; thin round rugs; thick, plush round rugs; plain round rugs; patterned round rugs; traditional round rugs; contemporary round rugs; transitional round rugs; designer round rugs; art deco round rugs; Andy Warhol round rugs; Southwester round rugs; discount round rugs; elegant round rugs; casual round rugs; jute round rugs; sisal round rugs; hand-woven round rugs; machine-woven round rugs; hand-knotted round rugs; tufted round rugs; natural fiber round rugs; synthetic fiber round rugs; bathroom round rugs; outdoor round rugs; inexpensive round rugs; Oriental round rugs; Palace Aubusson round rugs; classic round rugs; classy round rugs; New Wave round rugs, and many, many more.

Round rugs can be rounded to fit any room! Available in sizes from 3 feet to 10 feet, the correct size round rug depends on the dimensions of the room or space you are trying to cover. Often, round rugs are not intended to cover the entire floor. As a decorative element, leaving a frame around your round rugs will enhance their beauty. You can create a frame by allowing at least one to two feet (30 to 60 centimeters) of open space between the round rug and the surrounding walls. Measuring round rugs is actually a straightforward procedure! The length and width are equal in a round rug, and these in turn are equal to the diameter of the rug. So, when shopping for round rugs, look for sizes such as 4x4, 8x8, etc.

You can also make your own round rugs! Handmade round throw rugs are classic in design. There are many knitting patterns for round rugs, and because of their composition, round rugs are fun to knit and round rugs lend themselves to fascinating design possibilities and striking color effects. Check out this link for a FREE PATTERN for a medallion round rug.

Round rugs are spiraling forward in the realm of rugs. Swirling with beauty, texture and a multitude of designs, round rugs are all the rage when it comes to floor fashion. When it comes to superior rugs, don't drag your feet: Line up for round rugs today!

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