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For a rustic, natural look at home, the office or in the cabin, roll out the carpet for genuine bearskin rugs. A wildlife lover's favorite, bearskin rugs are made from the pelt of a real bear and there are as many species of bear rugs as there are bears! Let your feet shake out and relax with Black Bearskin rugs; Brown Bearskin rugs; Grizzly Bearskin rugs; Kodiak Bearskin rugs; Chocolate Bearskin rugs; Cinnamon Bearskin rugs; Blond Bearskin rugs, and more.

Here are some of the "bear" facts about bearskin rugs: Bearskin rugs are great on the floor, and can also be mounted and hung on walls. Bearskin rugs are especially popular over the fireplace and in mountain cabins. Quality bearskin rugs use only top- notch skins that meet the highest grading system standards. Discriminating bearskin rug buyers know that the highest quality bear fur comes from the virgin wilds of the North. All bearskin rugs are made from hides that have been expertly tanned and mounted by skilled taxidermists. Bearskin rugs come with layers of foam padding and felt backing, and with rings for hanging from a wall. Most bearskin rugs are complete with original bear claws, fur and head. Bearskin rugs feature an open mouth exposing highly detailed teeth and a tongue. The interior of the mouth and teeth on a bearskin rug are airbrushed and hand stained to bring a true to life look. Bearskin rug eyes are state of the art implant quality.

Among a variety of wildlife themed rugs, bearskin rugs are a barefoot favorite! Here is the lowdown on some of the of bearskin rugs you can find making an imprint on the rug industry today:

*** Fine quality Kodiak Bearskin rug features head mount, stitch padding, double felted, real to life mouth, teeth, eyes, tongue, and great claws. Original skull on wall mount is included. Hide squared over 8 feet raw, finished size after taxidermy 7 ft. 3in. tail to nose X 7ft. 8in. front claw to claw.

*** North American Bearskin rug made from a handsome specimen that is a true representation of the great outdoors. Skillfully detailed face and paw enhances the friendly personality of this bearskin rug. A non-skid backing allows the bearskin rug to be adaptable to most any floor setting. Great claws!

*** North American Black Bearskin rugs that are not black!! Here's how: Some North American Black Bears have several different color phases that naturally occur. Featuring thick soft fur, some of these bears are actually chocolate, brown, cinnamon or blond in color. Since these color phases are much more rare, bearskin rugs from different colored bears command higher prices.

*** Chocolate Phase Bearskin rug with Cinnamon highlights. This bearskin rug features great color contrast with a reddish-cinnamon color center and more chocolate outer extremities.

*** Soft, extra-heavy fur White Blaze Bearskin rug features small white markings near the shoulder front on both sides. Excellent skull shape representative of the larger of this species.

Note that bearskin rugs can bear heavily on your budget! Depending on the size of the bearskin rug, you can expect to pay from $ 699.00 USD to over $ 9000.00 USD for a genuine bearskin rug. You can also custom order bearskin rugs to your particular bear specifications! Note that bearskin rug measurements given can be given "nose to tail" and widest points "paw to paw".

For children, why not invest in faux bearskin rugs or rugs with a bear print? Kids love having bear themed rugs in their rooms. Faux fur bearskin rugs are great to snuggle up with and perfect for a kids room! Made with soft faux fur, faux bearskin rugs for children feature "mounted" heads in an upright position to look more like the real thing, fur claws, and open mouths showing teeth. In black or brown, these bearskin rugs are won't blow your budget. Depending on their size, you can purchase bearskin rugs for kids from $35-90 USD. Or, choose fun, printed, non - flammable teddy bear rugs for your children with an extra high and dense pile that little feet will love to sink their toes into!

Magnificent bearskin rugs are perfect for a study or library. Bearskin rugs are also widely used as wall hangings, throws, and bedspreads for an alternate form of interior decoration. Both a foot stopper and an eye catcher, bearskin rugs are always a fascinating conversation piece!

From the experts, here are some bear facts for bear hunters: Knowing the proper skinning techniques for a bear can make a great difference in the final product of your bearskin rug or mount. The following guidelines are the most accepted bear skinning methods used by taxidermists. Get your bear hide to a taxidermist or into a freezer right away (within one day in warm weather or two days in cool weather). If you can't, remove as much fat and flesh from the hide as possible and salt it heavily, especially around the face and in the paws. You should use about 20 pounds of salt on an average black bear, 40 pounds on an average grizzly bear, and 80 pounds on an average brown bear. To prevent spoilage, before you go hunting ask your taxidermist to show you how to split the lips and eyelids properly and to turn the ears inside out. Remember to NEVER store or transport raw bearskin rug hides in plastic. This is the fasted way for hair to slip from the hide. Always store raw bear hides in burlap or in game bags in a cool dry place out of the sun.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding legalities for your Country or Territory, please contact your appropriate wildlife departments.

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