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Tufted rugs

Tufted rugs

Tufted rug production creates highly durable and accurate, handmade rugs that are fit to weather foot traffic for years to come. Hand-tufted rugs are a popular, economical alternative to hand-knotted or Oriental rugs. Made faster than hand-knotted rugs, tufted rugs are generally less expensive than their hand-knotted counterparts With the growing gamut of tufted rug textures and the widening array of inviting tufted rug designs, your feet can sink into comfort without sinking your budget, and your floors will never look more fashionable than with modish tufted rugs!

Hand-tufted rugs are easily confused with their hand-knotted counterparts. To ensure that you are on solid ground when shopping for tufted rugs, here is the lowdown on tufted rug terminology. A hand-tufted rug is created by pushing yarn through a primary backing creating a "tuft" (as opposed to tying knots into a foundation). Hand-tufted rug makers use a tool known as a "tufting gun", a hand-operated device that punches the strands of yarn into a canvas backing stretched on a frame. Tufted rug designs are created by transferring a pattern onto the primary foundation, which in turn serves as a template for the tufted rug maker. The tufted rug craftsman then fills in the pattern with the appropriate color yarn. The next step in making tufted rugs involves shearing the tops of the looped tufts to create the pile. The height of the tufted rug pile is determined by how much yarn is cut off, and how far the initial loop was pushed up. Finally, once the rug design is fully piled, the tufted rug is removed from the frame and a jute or cotton fabric is glued to the back of the rug.

If you are gunned up about rugs and want to invest in a beautiful but affordable rug, roll out the red carpet for hand-tufted rugs! The process of making tufted rugs reduces not only the time it would take to tie rug knots by hand, but it lowers tufted rug prices as well. Rug connoisseurs discuss the highs and the lows of tufted rugs. While some give tufted rugs a standing ovation for their high level of craftsmanship and efficient, accurate portrayal of intricate designs, others throw the tufted rug reputation to the ground. Those dishing the dirt on tufted rugs claim that makers of hand-tufted rugs have chosen the cheapest method to make a piled rug. Other tufted rug 'lows' include the inexpensive latex glue used in tufted rugs that can become brittle and deteriorate with time, the lower quality tufted rug wool that wears easily, and the low resale value of tufted rugs.

Despite the tirades on tufted rugs, hand-tufted rugs are popular, hand-tufted rugs are packed with performance and brimming with beauty, and hand-tufted rugs are paving the way of the future in the realm of rugs!

Since their introduction in the 1990's, tufted rug technology has been refined. Today's tufting gun needles are designed to create a much finer weave, producing intricate tufting rug designs with denser piles. Once constructed only from wool, contemporary tufted rugs are being crafted from a wider array of yarns including 100% natural New Zealand wool, acrylic and nylon. Some hand-tufted rugs feature silk accents. For a modish look that stands out in a crowd, select tufted rugs with piles carved to create a dimensional appearance. Or, for a d├ęcor that says comfort and casual underfoot, choose tufted rugs that are looped like a hooked rug.

The perfect means to establish, improve or update any interior design concept, hand-tufted rugs are a phenomenal value. Today's tufted rug collections include the "Pop" tufted rug collection, featuring hand-tufted rugs with designs inspired from the 70's; the "Natural" tufted rug collection, reflecting motifs of sand dunes, stones, gems and other rich minerals; the "J. Borker" collection of tufted rugs featuring designs inspired from the Far East, and many more.

For a blast of flair on your floors, for a look that will blow viewers away, and for a feel your feet will love, try terrific tufted rugs on your turf today!

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