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Throw rugs

Throw rugs

Throw rugs: A recipe for success! Here's the dish on throw rugs: Buy an inexpensive small area rug. Add a measure of good taste. Mix together some practicality, decoration and design. Throw in trendy colors at will. Select a fabric and toss together with some charm, fun, and creativity. Add a touch of personality, and you have created the perfect throw rug! Whatever you toss into the mix, versatile throw rugs are useful, versatile throw rugs are affordable, versatile throw rugs are popular, versatile throw rugs are here to stay!

The dictionary defines throw rugs as small rugs or scatter rugs. The dictionary defines scatter rugs as small rugs also called throw rugs. But don't let these scattered definitions throw you: throw rugs are simply down-to-earth small rugs of any material that boast fashionable colors and that lay perfectly on top of hardwood floors, other hard surfaces and wall-to-wall carpet. Multipurpose throw rugs are great for wiping feet at the door, gorgeous as accent rugs around the house, and grand as contemporary fashion statements.

Throw rugs are a favorite among floor coverings. Throw rugs require no installation, throw rugs are easily movable, throw rugs are economical, and throw rugs come in all shapes and sizes. There are throw rugs for every interior, throw rugs for every decorating style, and throw rugs for every season! Here is a taste of just some of the thousands of throw rugs available on the menu today.

Look for soft, plush throw rugs; flat weave throw rugs; braided throw rugs; wool throw rugs; cotton throw rugs; acrylic throw rugs; synthetic throw rugs; Persian style throw rugs; Southwestern style throw rugs; traditional design throw rugs; modern design throw rugs; designer throw rugs like a Taj Mahal throw rug; throw rugs for students, children and baby throw rugs; heart throw rugs; all-shape throw rugs; bath throw rugs; hand-tufted throw rugs; animal shaped throw rugs; sheepskin throw rugs; Bowron sheepskin throw rugs; art deco throw rugs; funky throw rugs; sun, moon and stars throw rugs; Christmas design throw rugs; chenille throw rugs; tapestry throw rugs; Mohawk throw rugs; sport logo throw rugs; I love Lucy Logo throw rugs; Three Stooges throw rugs, and many, many more.

Let your feet try on these trendy throw rug colors for size! Throw rug colors can be soft and subtle, or dazzling and blaringly bright! Set your sights on sky blue, midnight black, spicy orange, bubblegum pink and neon yellow throw rugs; deep butterscotch, coppery salmon, ivory, rose, violet, and mint green throw rugs; bright chartreuse, lavender, cobalt blue, deep raspberry, and coral red throw rugs; electric blue, royal blue, periwinkle, apple green, and lilac purple throw rugs. And a host of other heavenly colors!

However, a word to the wise: While sensational throw rugs may be slick, they are also slippery underfoot and pose a risk of slip sliding away, sending you into a spin! Rug connoisseurs caution that throw rugs can indeed throw you. To avoid falls attributed to throw rugs, here are some down-to-earth suggestions to keep you on solid ground when it comes to investing in throw rugs.

To keep your throw rug from slipping, use a non-slip rug pad or mat underneath. These may be made from rubber or foam, and will give your throw rug enough traction to keep it from traveling. Another way to secure slippery throw rugs is to use some type of latex rubber application, such as Super Grip spray, on the back of the throw rug. Simply apply or spray along the entire perimeter and in the middle of the carpet. The application bonds to the fabric of the throw rug, keeping it from sliding and preventing potential accidents or injuries.

Here is some more good news about throw rugs to toss into the mix: You don't need to tread lightly when it comes to cleaning throw rugs. Simply pile on all the dirt, traffic and fun you can muster, then throw your throw rugs into the washing machine! Here is the more detailed dirt on how to clean throw rugs:

Vacuum throw rugs on a regular basis to keep them looking fresh and new. Vacuuming pulls dirt away, preventing dirt from reaching deep into the rug fibers and prolonging the life of your throw rug. Before washing, check the throw rug's tag for any special washing instructions. Not all throw rug materials are so easily maintained. To remove throw rug stains, pre-treat your throw rug with standard laundry stain removers. Machine-wash throw rugs using cold water, the gentle cycle and mild detergent. For very large throw rugs, use commercial Laundromat washing machines. Never throw your throw rug into the dryer! Hang throw rugs to dry, or lay flat. Brush dry throw rugs with a brush or with your fingers, going against its natural gain so your throw rug becomes full and fluffy once again.

Finally, you can create your own throw rugs! Making throw rugs from scraps of leftover fabrics or from old clothes is a simple, fun project that anyone can master. However you spice them up, however you serve them, whatever your tastes are and whatever you toss into the mix, terrific throw rugs are a sure recipe for success!

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