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Surfboard rugs


Every day is a day at the beach with sensational surfboard rugs! Cool surfboard rugs are poised to be the hottest items in the floor covering business. Custom-cut to real surfboard sizes and shapes using cutting edge technology, surfboard rugs are riding the wave of the future in the realm of modern rugs!

Surfboard rugs are the trendiest, latest, new-fangled way to welcome fun, color and comfort into your indoor, home, beach, cottage, poolside, or outdoor décor. Ever wanted to go surfboarding? Now you can surf year round on your one-of-a-kind surfboard rug! Your feet are in for a wild ride, but don't worry: You can't lose your balance on surfboard rugs. Sturdy, durable surfboard rugs will keep you and your feet on solid ground for years to come!

Also known as accent rugs, designer rugs, theme rugs and area rugs, surfboard rugs reflect the influx of "contemporary", "New Wave", and "funky" styles that are flooring the rug market. Surfboard rugs are sure to stand out wherever you place them, and bare feet will love sinking their toes into soft, plush surfboard rugs. Here are some of the "bare" facts about surfboard rug sensations:

Surfboard rugs are rugs that reflect the surfing lifestyle. Surfboard rugs feature themes such as beach, bungalow, fun-in-the-sun, riding the waves, floral designs, Hawaii, tropical punch, island paradise, and more. Classic surfboard rugs are tufted rugs made of solution dyed nylon in a process that ensures colorful graphics with high point definition. Surfboard rug colors won't wash out, wear out, or fade, and surfboard rugs are machine-washable and easy to spot clean. To ensure that you don't go slip sliding away while riding your surfboard rug, surfboard rugs are equipped with lightweight but durable vinyl or rubber backings.

Fun and whimsical surfboard rugs are a creative way to liven up any room or decorating scheme. Surfboard rugs: for a splash at the poolside! Surfboard rugs: for a blast at the beach! Surfboard rugs: for fun in the family room! Surfboard rugs: for a whale of a good time! The life of any party: Surfboard rugs!

When it comes to rug shapes, don't be square and limit yourself to conventional square-shaped or rectangular rugs. Let your feet walk take a walk on the wild side and invest surfboard-shaped rugs! There are also round surfboard rugs, long and short surfboard rugs, and boogie board rug companions. Surfboard rugs easily compliment any beach, Hawaiian or nautical themed décor, and surfboard rugs make great gifts season-round.

Vibrating in a sea of brilliant colors, new surfboard rugs will "jump" right off the floor! With hues that are even brighter than their images, surfboard rugs are dazzling in bright cobalt blue, shades of mint green, bubble gum pink, lavender, perfectly purple, candy cane red, banana yellow, tangerine, ocean blue, pastel confetti, sea foam, wave blue, sandy lagoon and more. Want a special color surfboard rug? Don't sweat it. Hang ten and custom order special color combination surfboard rugs.

These carpets can't fly, but your feet will be on cloud nine relaxing with fun, fabulous, surfboard rugs! Packed with performance and brimming with brass, surfboard rugs will change your environment from Plain Jane and Simple Simon to hip, hop and happening!

Here are some surfboard rug tips from seasoned, surfboard rug connoisseurs:

Do not wax your surfboard rug! Use rug and carpet cleaner instead. Do not attempt to float on your surfboard rug! It will sink!

Do not put surfboard rugs on top of your car! They make look cool, but even properly secured surfboard rugs will not survive high speeds.

Do pretend to surf: Practice all your best moves!

Do practice "pop-ups": Why not? Surfboard rugs are the same size and shape as real surfboards.

Do let your friends ride: Share the fun, and get the cameras ready to roll!

Do use for yoga meditation: Clear your mind and get in touch with your inner surfer…

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