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Sphinx Rugs

Background and History

Until 1991 Oriental Rug Manufactures, based in Cairo, Egypt were a well-kept secret. But the Oriental rug Company felt it was too good of a secret to be kept. They believed that the picturesque designs and superior craftsmanship of their rugs would be well appreciated in America. Finally in 1991 Oriental Rug Manufactures began exporting their beautiful rugs to America under the name Sphinx rugs. As expected, Americans recognized the worthiness of these rugs and today Sphinx Rugs holds a prosperous position amongst Oriental rug makers.


Sphinx rugs have the sophistication of hand-made rugs yet maintains the price of machine made pieces. The reason is simple. Oriental rug manufactures developed a coloring technique using proprietary technology. This allows them to utilize up to 92 colors in any rug. Even this extreme array of colors is constantly modified and updated to assure that the most contemporary and in-style colors are in stock. Designs are created with great care ranging from ancient tribal designs all the way to new contemporary ones. Both fringed and non-fringed carpets are offered by Sphinx.

Another aspect of Sphinx rugs, noteworthy of mention, is the material they are crafted from. The first choice is Polypropylene. This material is quite strong, yet feels as soft as wool and is specifically distinguished as a fiber that holds its color well. The second fiber that is sometimes used is wool itself. Wool practices special resistance to compression and hence maintains its height for years and years. Of course wool is also a soft and highly comfortable fabric. Sometimes a delicately balanced blend of polypropylene and wool is used to produce that perfect Sphinx Rug. Both these fibers are flame resistant, which can not be easily ignited and even in cases when they are ignited they do not provide the fire with enough fuel to burn, and in that way the rug can bring a quick end to the dangerous element (provided that it has no other fuel to keep it aflame.)

Undoubtedly, it is for this reason that Sphinx Rugs has been independently nominated by numerous retailers as being number one in offering style and color as well as quality and service.

Rug Care

Like all rugs, Sphinx rugs must be cleaned and maintained to enable you to enjoy its long and healthy life. This includes regular vacuuming as well as occasional professional cleaning. Spills should be tended to as soon as possible by blotting the stain gently with a rag or paper towel. Never rub the stain as it may cause premature fraying.

In a case where you find another fiber stuck into your rug fibers, tread with care. If the fiber does not pull out extremely easy simply cut the fiber to be even with the proper carpet fibers. Never pull a fiber out too strongly as it may pull the carpet fibers with it and damage the rug.

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