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Southwestern Rugs

Southwestern Rugs

Southwestern rugs lie on the fringe of Southwest Indian art, the most distinctive and best-known Native American artistic tradition. Southwestern rugs are easily recognizable by their characteristic geometric designs and desert tones or vibrant colors. A favorite among floor coverings and popular as wall hangings too, Southwestern rugs have saturated the American rug market.

When you walk on a Southwestern rug, you tread not only on a charming piece of furnishing, but you step into the rich cultural legacy of the Native American people. Weaving the threads of a thriving, unbroken artistic tradition, Southwestern rugs embody the spirit of the ancient weavers who first created them.

Today, Southwestern rugs are categorized by design and by Southwestern area rug region. For example, Two Grey Hills Southwestern rugs are renowned for their fine weave of all natural wool. Storm Pattern Southwestern rugs feature powerful designs depicting the beauty and fury of the storm. Crystal, Chinle, and Wide Ruins Southwestern rugs are known for their vegetal dyes, lending soft, pleasing pastel colors to these indigenous Southwestern rugs.

However, no Southwestern rug rivals the Navajo rug in popularity, beauty or technical skill. Navajo Southwestern rugs have always held a special place among Southwestern rugs, and contemporary Southwestern rug patterns are rooted in the antique Navajo rugs of the past. The intricate designs of Navajo Southwestern rugs, in turn, are a culmination of influences from early Indian trading posts, early Mexican colonists, and white American design culture.

The railroad, in 1882, influenced Southwestern rug weaving as it made travel to the West easier and opened the area for Eastern tourists, thereby infusing new life into Southwestern textile arts and Southwestern rug making. By the 1900's, no Indian lodge or trading post was complete without a sprawling Southwestern rug on the floor as part of its decor.

Today, many Southwestern rugs are hand-woven in the same way as Southwestern rugs of the past. Since each weaver is the creator of his/her own unique Southwestern rug design, each Southwestern rug is an exclusive piece of art to delight in. Modern, manufactured Southwestern rugs use commercially bought pre-dyed wool, replacing the prolonged processes of shearing, carding, spinning, and dying Southwestern rug wool. These updates save not only time but money, making many of today's Southwestern rugs more affordable.

There are several types of Southwestern rugs on the market. To make sure the wool is not pulled over your eyes when making your Southwestern rug selection, here is the lowdown on various Southwestern rugs.

Southwestern Handmade Area Rugs: These handmade rugs draw on traditional Southwestern figures, colors and popular themes. Southwestern handmade area rugs may use subtle desert tones or vibrant bright colors depending on the design. Versatile Southwestern area rugs blend beautifully with rustic furniture, Southwestern décor and almost any interior decorating style.

Southwestern Spirit Rugs: The rugs in this group complement Southwestern interior decor as well as enhance more eclectic decorating styles. Made in New Mexico or Arizona, Southwestern Spirit rugs are made from pure Indian wool and are about 1/2" thick. Southwestern Spirit rugs draw upon designs that relate to the spirituality of the Native American people, including spiritual characters represented in a variety of patterns and forms.

Modern Southwestern Rugs: These contemporary Southwestern carpets come from the Albuquerque New Mexico area, depicting Southwestern scenes in which Spanish and Native American histories combine. Fusing time-honored design elements with contemporary flair, modern Southwestern rugs easily complement any updated décor. These trendy Southwestern rugs may be down-to earth in soft, earthy tones, or reverberate with vogue in vibrant colors and shades that bring their Southwestern rug patterns to life.

Western Suburbs Collection of Southwestern rugs: This striking group of thick Southwestern rugs feature bolder colors than the usual Southwestern rug color range. Well-know designers of these designer Southwestern rugs include Bob Timberlake and Dick Idol. Each Southwestern rug from this group is handmade and uniquely crafted.

Mexican Guadalupe Rugs: These eye-pleasing, colorful, handmade Southwestern rugs feature vibrant designs relating to the history of the Mexican people

Oaxaca Mexico Rugs: These flat weave Southwestern rugs originate from Oaxaca, Mexico, a Southwest state. Their designs are based on Mayan and Mexican traditional patterns, and each rug is considered a modern masterpiece.

Navajo Rugs: Famous Southwestern Navajo rugs feature intricate weavings based on traditions of the Navajo people. Their rustic and earth colors make Navajo Southwestern rugs exceptionally relaxing and the perfect enhancement to any rustic, lodge or comfortable décor.

For an array of spirited colors, for a piece of art with its own special charm and charisma, and for your own distinct pleasure, invest in Southwestern rugs today!

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