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Treat your feet to luxurious sheepskin rugs from the heart of New Zealand. Amazingly soft, yet highly durable and resilient, sheepskin rugs are crafted from the world's finest, high-grade New Zealand merino wool. Nothing says comfort better than sheepskin rugs.

Bare feet love the beauty and bounce of sheepskin rugs. Here are some the bare facts about rugs made from sheepskin: Sheepskin rugs are made from wool of the Australian Merino, a breed of sheep that has lived in Australia for over 200 years. Originating from the Merino - a Spanish breed, the Australian Merino is known for its fine wool, and for its superior sheepskin rugs. The unique breathing properties of wool's hollow fibers provide a blanket of air that acts as an insulator, giving the sheepskin rug a lift and making sheepskin rugs especially cushiony-soft. Sheepskin rug wool can absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp, keeping you warm even it gets wet! Unlike nylon, sheepskin wool is also static-free and fire resistant.

The skins of sheepskin rugs are specially prepared: The raw skins are trimmed, machined, hand-washed and then left to dry in the sun. The tanned fleece is then combed over by hand and finally polished to enhance the natural luster of the sheep's wool - - and of your sheepskin rug.

Sheepskin rugs have a rich tradition of furnishing floors and befriending feet worldwide. Today, sheepskin rugs cover new ground as they double as throws, bedspreads, car seat covers, stroller liners and more. Everybody's favorite, there are many types of sheepskin rugs to choose from. For fine homes, select designer sheepskin rugs to set the mood for opulence and indulgence. For a rug children will jump all over, choose colorful children's sheepskin rugs, and for softness smooth as a baby's bottom - wrap your young ones in baby sheepskin rugs. Sheepskin rugs made for babies' strollers are specially sanitized to ensure lasting protection against bacteria. Baby sheepskin rugs may also be used in baby car seats. Parents claim that babies sleep better and more comfortably with sheepskin rugs, and studies in Cambridge have proven the efficacy of sheepskin rugs in helping children settle.

The world famous Bowron Company has been a leading manufacturer of sheepskin rugs since 1879, and remains the largest sheepskin tanning company in the world. The Bowron name is synonymous with the world's finest sheepskin products. Here's the dirt, according to Bowron experts, on to care for sheepskin rugs:

Sheepskin rugs that have been tightly packaged and arrive flattened will naturally bounce back to their original spring with a good shake. To restore the fluffy appearance of sheepskin rugs whose wool has become matted or curly, brush with a wire brush or comb. To store sheepskin rugs, store in a cool airy place avoiding direct sunlight. Do not store sheepskin rugs in plastic bags for an extended period of time as condensation may occur. You can machine-wash or hand-wash sheepskin rugs in warm water using a mild liquid detergent. Dry sheepskin rugs flat or on a line and stretch to shape while damp - do not tumble dry, iron or bleach sheepskin rugs. Keep sheepskin rugs away from direct sunlight and artificial heat.

100% natural merino wool sheepskin rugs complement a diverse range of interior decorating styles and come in several fashionable sizes and colors. Sheepskin rugs are sized according to the number of skins sewn together. You can choose from sheepskin rugs in single, 1.5, double, quarto, sexto, or octo sizes. Traditionally ivory in color, today's sheepskin rugs are available in trendy tones of dusk, black, chocolate brown, barley and more. Combine function with fashion and use sheepskin rugs with short wool in high traffic hallways and passageways, and long wool sheepskin rugs where foot traffic is less frequent.

Your feet deserve to be pampered. For beauty, comfort, style and softness you can walk on, invest in sheepskin rugs today!

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