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Shag Rugs

For a modern interior décor shake-up, roll out the red carpet for sensational shag rugs! The shag look is back with fluffy, super-soft shag rugs. Recreating the look of the 60's and 70's, shag rugs today are as popular as ever. Available in a kaleidoscope of high fashion colors and in a variety of thickness, feet everywhere are falling in love with shag rugs!

With rugs so thick and prices so low, rug consumers are jumping all over shag rugs. Versatile shag rugs can shake up the look of any room, any interior. Today's shag rugs come in a myriad of resourceful sizes, from wall-to-wall carpets to custom-cut shag rugs in specialty shapes. Designed to fit today's bold and casual looks, shag rugs are popular as accent rugs, shag rugs are great in the kitchen, shag rugs are luxurious in the bedroom, shag rugs are fun in the bathroom, and shag rugs are the popular pick among today's trendy teenagers.

Want to run with the "in" crowd? Then run a shag rug on your favorite floors, at home, in your dorm room, or at the office. Shag rugs are a fantastic element to design around, or choose shag rugs to fit into an already established decor. If you already have your furniture, choose a shag rug that picks up on the colors used in your furnishing patterns. You can also use a shag rug to pull together various design styles in a room. To add color and vibrancy to any area within a home or business setting, shag rugs are the way to roll!

Fluffy, deep-pile Flokati rugs are a type of shag rug steeped in over 1500 years of rug tradition! Originating in Greece, Flokati rugs have been a customary art form for centuries. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, considered by many to be the finest wool in the world, nothing says soft luxury underfoot better than Flokati rugs. Classic flokati rugs are a creamy, elegant off-white and these natural shag rugs come in a variety of pile weights, arranged from thinner weaves to the thickest available weaves.

Today's shag rugs continue the Flokati tradition by easily complementing a wide array of home decorating schemes. Contemporary shag rugs are better than ever before. Here is the low down on some superb shag rugs currently available. The thinnest shag rugs are about ½ inch thick. Easy to care for, these modern shags feature the latest in shag rug colors and textures. Wool shag rugs vary in yarn length and in density, however with a shag rug made from wool you and your feet can rest assured that you are standing on quality, solid ground. For a most plush, luxurious look and feel, look for thick 3 1/2 inch long pile shag rugs, or select low pile shag rugs to add a touch of casual elegance to your décor. Ultra Shag rugs are new, vacuum friendly shags with a crisp nylon construction. With a pile about1 ¼ inches thick, these shag rugs are vacuum cleaner friendly, stylish and easy to care for.

Teenagers will love nylon shag area rugs by Mary-Kate and Ashley available in a rich array of vibrant colors. And today's newest shag rugs have a woven-marbled look, with various colors woven and layered together to create an exciting texture. Some shag rugs are highlighted with strands of metallic yarn for shags that shine!

Super heavy wool/Faux silk shag rugs boast versatile design and sturdy construction, while leather shag rugs bring a sense of high-style and opulence to your décor. Your toes will love to sink into shag rugs handcrafted using thick and thin 100% acrylic yarns, and synthetic shag rugs guarantee high fashion color for your feet and durable texture for your favorite floors. Cotton Jersey shags are all the rage among shag rug consumers these days! Made from 100% cotton fibers, these funky and versatile shag rugs have even attracted the professional decorators on ABC's hit weekly program, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The television show designers incorporated a brightly colored, fun cotton shag rug into a fabulous, ice cream parlor styled bedroom!

Shag rugs are available in a wide array of sizes and shapes - choose rectangular, oval, round and runner shag rugs. Or go online and design your own unique custom-made shag rug! Plush, popular shag rugs are available in a cool collection of fun designer colors. Look for shag rugs in Bright Pink, Really Red, and Tangerine; shag rugs in Apple Green, Lilac and Ocean Blue; Shag rugs in Plush Purple, Hottie Pink or Limelight; Banana Creme and Pastel Confetti shag rugs; Seafoam, Wave Blue, Sandy Beach, and Lagoon shag rugs, and many, many more.

Here is the dirt on how to maintain shag rugs. It is highly recommended that a non-skid pad be placed under shag rugs to keep the rugs in place on smooth surfaces. You CAN vacuum a shag rug, however only vacuum with an attachment to protect both your rug and your vacuum cleaner. Set your vacuum on the high setting for thick carpet. Finally, a word about shag rug shedding: the long fibers used to create shag rugs, especially shag rugs made from wool, shed naturally. With brushing, washing and proper care, the shedding will stop in time.

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