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Sea Grass Rugs


Bring the outdoors into your home with a sea grass rug. See grass is a natural plant that grows in shallow waters where it can enjoy the dual benefits of being in water and receiving sunlight. This plant tends to grow in sandy areas, but can also be found growing out of rocks. It is commonly found in wet areas around southern Asia as well as along the coast of Florida. Sea grass grows in large quantities and really gives off the appearance of grass underwater. Hence the name "sea grass."

For many centuries sea grass has been woven together to form rugs and mats. This practice continues today, as many commercial companies sell natural sea grass rugs.

How To

How Sea Grass Rugs are made

The first step in making a sea grass rug is traveling out to one of the wetlands that breed sea grass. There, the tallest sea grasses are sorted out and picked. The sea grass undergoes almost no processing before it is spun into sea grass yarn. The weaver chooses a weave and weaves the natural yarn together. Often a tighter weave is used around the edge for a border-like appearance.


Sea grass rugs are smooth and extremely durable.

Sea grass rugs are made out of all natural materials

Provide the home with an outdoor look

When new, sea grass rugs permeates the air with a fresh grassy smell

Has natural sheen

Most stain resistant of all natural fibers

Care instructions

Only use sea grass rugs in dry areas not wet ones such as kitchens, bathrooms or basements. Sea grass many not be fully dried out before being woven and is susceptible to mold and mildew when it meets moisture. Some manufactures go so far as to advise people living in humid areas to limit their use of sea grass rugs to rooms where the temperature is controlled at all times.

Wipe spills immediately to prevent water stains.

Clean with dry cleaning powder.

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