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Rugs New York

Rugs New York

Want to add fashion and flair to your floors? Why not shop for rugs at the epicenter of style, taste and high fashion - shop for rugs in New York!

Shopping for rugs in New York can be an exciting experience. In fact, 2005 was the launch of the first annual New York International Carpet Show (NYICS). This New York rug event is more than just a trade show. Dedicated to top importers of handmade rugs, this New York rug extravaganza is a showcase for the most current and innovative rugs created by visionary artisan weavers from all over the world.

A world-class destination, New York is the perfect realm for world-class rugs! Spurred by the marked increase in consumer demand for handsome, authentic handmade rugs, the annual New York rug exhibition is ground for talented rug weavers to display their wares. Buyers of rugs in New York will view first hand the enterprise of creative rug pioneers who are recognized internationally for their consummate talents. The parade of rich rug portfolios and creative carpet designs make this New York rug experience the essence of elegance and enterprise.

Great rug designs reflect great style. Your feet will never be in higher style than with rugs from New York. So, hit the pavement in New York to find your ideal rug! New York is host to a myriad of rug galleries and retail stores. Check out New York's "The Rug Company" on Wooster St., specializing in contemporary handmade rugs made from Tibetan wool and featuring designer-rugs by Paul Smith. For classic New York style rugs, look for Calvin Klein rugs on Madison Ave. in the Upper West Side. Try Brooklyn, New York for New York rugs that range from cool to vintage, and for rugs that run the gamut from practical and down-to-earth to distinctive and out-of-this-world, look for rugs at Ikea in New York.

For the complete guide to Manhattan with listings of rugs and carpets in New York, as well as New York rug repair and cleaning services see: http://www.citidex.com/805.htm

And for New York used rug and carpet listings, SuperPages.com online Yellow Pages directory service can help at: http://www.superpages.com/yellowpages/C-Used+Carpets+&+Rugs/S-NY/T-New+York/

Finally, if you are a fan of New York sports, then you will be fanatical about New York fan mats and rugs! New York Jet football fanatics will love the New York Jets Tailgater Mats, and New York Yankee rugs are sure to be a hit among New York baseball lovers. New York sports rugs are high-quality tufted mats printed using state-of-the-art technology. Featuring the New York Jet and New York Yankee logos in rich colors, backed with non-skid Latex and finished with hand-surged edges, fans in the stands or at home give these New York rugs a standing ovation! You can also kick off the year with New York Jets football shaped rugs, or run around the bases on the New York Yankees 29" Round Baseball Mat.

New York is a marketplace for the best contemporary and traditional decorative rugs in the industry. For rugs that vibrate with vitality and vogue, and for rugs that stand out anywhere they lay down, let rugs from New York be the first thing people see when they walk into your home!

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