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Rug Pads

Every Rug needs a Rug Pad! Rug pads do more than just keep your rugs from slip-sliding away. Non-slip rug pads are a wise investment that prolong the life of your rugs, protect your floors, and keep you walking on cloud nine with rug pads' cushioning softness underfoot.

Don't let your rugs run ragged - protect them with quality, supportive rug pads! Rug pads offer a range of down to earth benefits. Here is the rundown on what rug pads can do for you and your favorite floor coverings:

Rug pads add a smooth, supportive base

Rug pads keep your loved ones safe and sound by reducing slippage

Rug pads keep your rugs properly positioned

Rug pads add comfort with thick or extra thick cushioning

Rug pads protect your floors from being scratched by the back of the rug

Rug pads extend the life of your rugs by protecting from wear and tear and cushioning the effects of traffic

Rug pads are versatile: Just cut to size to fit any size rug!

Rug pads are hygienic: They prevent bacteria build-up, are odor, mold, and mildew-proof, non-toxic, and non-allergenic

Rug pads help keep your rugs smooth and flat and prevent wrinkling or buckling

Rug pads are flame retardant

Rug pads are floor friendly, preventing the transfer of rug colors over time to floors and carpeting

Rug pads help absorb the impact of feet and noise

Rug pads make vacuuming easier

Rug pads are hand-washable and reversible

Today, there is a wide array of rug pads to choose from. There are thin rug pads, thick rug pads and extra-thick rug pads. There are rug pads for indoors and there are outdoor rug pads. You can find special rug pads for hardwood, tile, ceramic or laminate floors, environmentally friendly rug pads, Oriental rug pads, reversible rug pads, super- lock rug pads, rug pads that go on top of carpets, and more.

Rug pads are available in a range of thickness. A 1/16" thick rug pad is one of the thinnest rug pads. Rug pads that are 1/8" thick are thin rug pads that are ideal when you have limited clearance for a door to open over a rug. For even more protection on hard surfaces, choose 1/4" thick rug pads for the ultimate non-slip rug cushion, or place these rug pads under area rugs that go over carpeting.

Most rug pads are made from either 100% poly-vinyl compound (PVC), or of a woven polyester fabric coated with PVC. PVC rug pads are mold and mildew proof, hand-washable and will not stain, discolor or stick to flooring or rugs. Most rug pads come with a guarantee ranging from 5 to 20 years.

For rugs placed over carpet, choose rug pads of thin polyester fabric coated with adhesive. This type of rug pad prevents a dark rug color from bleeding through onto a light carpet. For rug pads that can be placed over both floors and carpets, invest in reversible rug pads! On some reversible rug pads, the waffle side of the rug pad is placed on hard surfaces, the fabric side on carpet. Double Grip rug pads have cleats to hold your area rugs in place over carpeting: Put the cleats up over hard surfaces, place the cleats down over carpeting. Rug pads that go over carpeting are made with an open construction to allow your carpeting to breathe.

You can even find environmentally friendly rug pads! Made of jute mesh coated with natural latex, these rug pads are compostable and will not stain or discolor your floors. The natural rubber has a strong grip, so rugs stay smooth on any hard floor. Natural rug pads will not crumble or mildew.

Rug pads have an added benefit: Rug pads add softness and dimension to less expensive area rugs. Highly durable, rug pads offer longer-lasting performance, even in high-traffic areas. Conveniently, rug pads are easily cut with scissors to accommodate any size area rugs in your home.

Rug pads are not only recommended for indoors: Step out onto comfort with outdoor rug pads too! Also known as Patio rug pads, outdoor rug pads are rug pads especially designed for the outdoors. Perfect for every patio, rug pads for the outdoors may be used on stone, concrete, tile, wood or any exterior surface. Often made of polyester textile coated with polymer, outdoor rug pads are designed to protect your rugs by slightly lifting them to allow water drainage away from your outdoor rug or mat. And because they are anti-microbial, outdoor rug pads won't rot or mildew. In addition to extending the life of your outdoor rugs, outdoor rug pads add extra cushioning for super comfort under foot.

So give a standing ovation to rug pads, and protect your rug investments today - with a quality, non-slip rug pad!

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