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Rug Doctor

Background and History

No, you will not find the "Rug Doctor" with a stethoscope slung around its neck nor will you find it sporting a white coat. Actually, the Rug Doctor is not a person at all. It is a vacuum cleaner! Well perhaps a bit more then an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

The Rug Doctor Company was established in 1972. At the time the company started manufacturing its unique carpet-cleaning machine. Today, Rug Doctor still produces their "Rug Doctor" one of the leading carpet cleaners, which is distributed in over twenty countries.

Rug doctor can be bought from you local Rug Doctor Dealer. They can also be rented for a few days at a time.


The effectiveness of the Rug Doctor lays in its ability to perform three different cleansing actions in nearly one fell swoop. First it pours an ample amount of warm water and cleansing solution so that dirt particles can be removed and lifted. At the same time, the Rug Doctor's brush, ferociously brushes between carpet fibers loosening the dirt and lifting the carpet fibers. This assists in the third action. The third action happens only moments later, assuring that water does not sit on the carpet and cause any damage. Powerful vacuuming lifts all the water along with the dirt.

How To

How to use the Rug Doctor Machine

Machine Setup

In a separate bucket or other receptacle make a rug doctor cleaning solution by mixing rug doctor Steam cleaner with hot tap water. Cleaner to water ration should be ½ cup to every gallon.

In order to fill the lower red tank with cleaning solution, lower wire and remove white tank that is above the red one. Pour solution into red tank.

Pour 1/2 cup Rug Doctor antifoam solution into upper white tank that was removed. (optional)

Now replace the white tank and secure with lid.

Check that hoses are secure and turn vacuum on.

In order to keep vacuum running squeeze red trigger or press red thumb tip while vacuuming. If working properly you should see dirty water running into red dome.

Vacuuming tips

For best results move all furniture off carpets. Then Vacuum the carpet well with your home vacuum.

Pre-treat stained or soiled areas with one of "Rug Doctors" pretreatment solutions. For regular stains use Rug Doctor's spot removers or pet stain removers. Pre-treat high traffic areas with Rug Doctor's hi traffic pretreatment. (Note the longer stains sit the harder they are to remove- even with this tough carpet treatment. It is advisable to try to remove stains as soon as they are spotted and not wait until you are ready to use the rug doctor)

Once that is done start vacuuming by pulling slowly and steadily backward.

For best results vacuum in straight lines, repeating each line 2-3 times. Overlap lines just slightly to assure that every spot is cleaned thoroughly. If you have a Berber carpet, go over each strip only once.

Release trigger or thumb 6-12 inches before you are finished each row. Tilt machine back and move forward to start another row.

If area still did not get clean allow to dry fully and then repeat process.

When you see water stops entering red dome it means the steam cleansing solution is finished. Refill red bucket as was done previously.

Health Benefits

Although the Rug Doctor is not a medical doctor and is seemingly completely unrelated to the medical world it can actually impact our health in a very serious way. Rugs are extremely notorious for catching dust, dirt and allergens which are unhealthy to breathe, especially for asthmatic people. Doctors recommend cleaning rugs in order to provide amore healthy breathing environment.

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