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The rug popularity race is on. Sports rugs of all kinds are competing, but one rug stays a step ahead of the rest, every foot of the way. Featuring its signature black and white checkered flag, this classic rug stands out in a crowd. Rolling towards the finish line, the rug results are in: Setting ground breaking records for style, speed, texture and taste, NASCAR rugs are officially the hottest rugs sweeping the rug industry today!

A college and sports fan favorite, NASCAR rugs are speeding to the checkout counters so fast that NASCAR rugs are often a complete sell-out. When it comes to buying NASCAR rugs, don't drag your feet: Cruise to your closest sports store, automotive accessory store, rug outlet, or furnishing retail store and shop for NASCAR rugs today!

NASCAR rugs and mats in your doorway let everyone know what kind of fan lives here! NASCAR rugs make smooth bedspreads, NASCAR rugs look cool hanging on the wall, and NASCAR rugs are a knockout at the office. For a gift family and friends will jump all over, give NASCAR rugs as a present for their home, office, motor home, cottage, dorm room or car.

Trend-setting NASCAR rugs are quickly breaking sales records rolling across the country, up and down the highways, and racing around the blocks. NASCAR rugs are also called sports rugs, logo rugs, custom made rugs, designer rugs, accent rugs, modern rugs, decorative rugs and tufted rugs. Each officially licensed NASCAR rug is crafted by tufting the NASCAR logo and NASCAR design all the way through to the backing, rather than simply printing or gluing the design on the surface. This way, NASCAR rug colors stay bright and resist stains and fading for the entire stretch of the rug's life. Top quality NASCAR rugs are also easy to care for, simply vacuum and use carpet cleaner as needed.

Featuring NASCAR team colors and NASCAR themes such as runways, speedways, and the black and white checkered flag, here are some of the NASCAR rug products you can flag down today: Keep your eye on the road looking for NASCAR 18" x 24" entry mats, NASCAR 2' x 3' oval rugs, and NASCAR interactive play rugs for kids. Children will love to rumble and tumble on these whimsical NASCAR rugs, crafted of 100% nylon and featuring a brightly colored Daytona 500 motif. A non-skid rubber backing and mildew/stain-resistant design make this rug a "braking" success for any child's room! Or, use these officially licensed NASCAR rugs as doormats, garage mats and outdoor rugs. World-class NASCAR rugs offer NASCAR 3' Profile rugs, featuring many of the world-class NASCAR drivers. Look for the top NASCAR Nextel Cup Series drivers and NASCAR Winston Cup drivers in your store's NASCAR rugs collection. Order Rusty Wallace #2 NASCAR Profile rug as the perfect present for any Rusty Wallace NASCAR fan. The Rusty Wallace NASCAR rug is a 3 feet long profile of his Miller Lite #2 car. Or, you can follow the tailgates of the following NASCAR drivers with their own, unique NASCAR rugs: #3 Dale Earnhardt, #6 Mark Martin, # 18 Bobby LaBonte, #20 Tony Stewart, #24 Jeff Gordon, # 29 Kevin Harvick, # 48 Jimmie Johnson, and many more.

NASCAR profile rugs are constructed by the tufting method using 100% solution-dyed polypropylene yarn. These tough, durable, heavy weight rugs are vinyl backed and resist stains and fading from UV light.

NASCAR rugs are fanning the flames of fashion for sports fans, rug fans and modern design fanatics. Speeding ahead on a fast, new and revolutionary track, some NASCAR rugs are crafted using the latest computer-generated, state-of-the-art dyeing technology. These DigiPrint NASCAR rugs are produced using a dye injection directly into a nylon carpet, creating NASCAR logos that are permanent and that won't wear off over time. With more than 200 existing colors to choose from, you can now create 3-D NASCAR rug images and extensive color gradation.

Exciting NASCAR rugs are paving the way of the future in custom-made designer sports rugs. Speedily winning over a strong and loyal consumer base, the NASCAR checkered flag is becoming a much-used, much-worn and much admired household item. Share in the success of NASCAR rugs and bring home a winner today: Bring home a NASCAR rug!

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