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Nothing says modish rugs better than Momeni rugs. Grounded in a reputation of rug excellence and steeped in a rich family tradition, Momeni rugs were established 50 years ago when Ali A. (Haji) Momeni started a family business bringing exquisite Persian carpets to the United States. Withstanding the test of time, Momeni rugs continue to be a popular choice among discerning rug buyers today. For a family name, for a mark of quality, and for superior rugs, choose Momeni rugs.

Looking for rugs with a rep you can trust? Then roll out the red carpet for Momeni rugs! Top of the line Momeni rugs have been recognized time and time again with America's Magnificent Carpet Award for their high standard in rug quality, elegance and sophistication. For years, Momeni rugs have been gracing floors and pampering feet worldwide. Today, Momeni rugs continue to pave the way of the future with their collections of modern Momeni rugs. "More than half of our business is contemporary now," says Austin Craley, vice president of sales for New York City's Momeni Inc., whose rugs supply thousands of retailers across the country. "Historically, they used to be about 5 percent, but in the past five years, contemporary rug sales have expanded dramatically."

Many of these modern Momeni rugs are inspired by twentieth century decorative arts, 1910's Vienna scene, 1930's Art Deco era and 1950's Abstract Expressionism. Most Momeni rugs are handmade in 100% wool construction. As Craley of Momeni rugs recommends: " Go with wool. Although there are plenty of attractive and affordable rugs out there made from synthetic fibers, nothing beats pure wool for a rug that wears and cleans well."

Modern interior d├ęcor is sleek, stark, and spacious with angular and geometric lines. Modern Momeni rugs are the perfect accessory item for today's fashionable floors. Let modish Momeni rugs add color, texture, interest, and space definition to your favorite rooms.

Momeni rugs are breaking new ground with their trend-setting selection of rug styles. Here is a walk through a small sample of the unparalleled rugs that Momeni has to offer. In design style, look for contemporary Momeni rugs; Persian Momeni rugs; Oriental Momeni rugs; transitional Momeni rugs; floral Momeni rugs; European-American Momeni rugs; Island lifestyle Momeni rugs; folk-tribal Momeni rugs; shag Momeni rugs; simple and sweet Momeni rugs; and theme Momeni rugs. For construction, select from flat woven Momeni rugs; hand hooked Momeni rugs; hand knotted Momeni rugs; hand tufted Momeni rugs; hand woven Momeni rugs; and power-loom woven Momeni rugs. Shaped to fit every decorating need, find oval Momeni rugs; round Momeni rugs; rectangle Momeni rugs; square Momeni rugs; and runner Momeni rugs. Best selling Momeni rugs include New Wave Collection Momeni Rugs; Tibet Collection Momeni rugs; Harmony Trellis Blue Momeni rugs, and many, many more.

Here is the dirt, according to Momeni rug experts, on how to clean and care for your Momeni rug:

It is highly recommended that you vacuum your rug once a week. If your rug has fringes, be careful when vacuuming. Do not vacuum the fringes as they may pull. Vacuuming the rug regularly helps avoid moth problems.

If anything is to spill on the rug make sure that you remove it quickly by using a damp paper towel. Do not drag the towel along the stained area, just tapping the area will suffice. Then you can use a spoon to retract the excess spillage. If in any case the spillage is a dark liquid, such as coffee, wine, soda, etc., use a moist towel with soap and water. Do not leave the rug wet as it may form mildew and could cause the rug to rot.

Do not expose the rug to sunlight on a regular basis. Too much sunlight causes the colors to fade which in turn creates unevenness in the colors of the rug.

For true professional cleaning we suggest that you contact an expert cleaning company.

Momeni continues to floor the rug industry with their wide array of top-notch rugs. Momeni rugs' solid reputation for rug excellence walks before them. Don't get left behind when it comes to the realm of rugs: Invest in Momeni rugs today!

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