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Mohawk rugs

Mohawk rugs

To step on a Mohawk rug is to be steeped in over 120 years of Mohawk rug tradition.. Mohawk Industries is one of the world's leading rug manufacturers, and a leading producer and distributor of all major flooring categories including Mohawk rugs, carpets, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and vinyl flooring. For fashionable floors in every style, and for comfort underfoot, you can trust Mohawk rugs!

Mohawk rugs weave a rich history of family and tradition. Mohawk rugs have their roots in 14 second-hand looms that the Shuttleworth brothers shuttled from England to New York. There in 1902, the Shuttleworth brothers - founders of Mohawk Rugs of today - incorporated the Shuttleworth Brothers Company. Their new rug called Karnak was a ground breaking success and continued to receive standing ovations for years to come.

Mohawk Industries would eventually emerge as the result of a series of mergers, acquisitions and buyouts, beginning with the merger in 1920 with another similar rug company, McCleary, Wallin and Crouse. Today, Mohawk rugs are manufactured at Mohawk Home, a division of Mohawk Industries and a multi-faceted home textile company located in Sugar Valley, Georgia. Besides Mohawk rugs, the company distributes products under other well-known labels such as Karastan, and Goodwin Weavers. Contemporary Mohawk rugs continue to foot the same legendary reputation for exquisite craftsmanship, innovative rug styles and affordable prices.

If you have bought a bath rug, area rug, decorative rug, or any sort of rug, you may own a Mohawk rug! Mohawk is one of the leading producers of machine-woven, synthetic fiber rugs. Mohawk continues to design and manufacture rugs in a broad range of colors, textures and patterns, keeping your floors in vogue and your feet stepping in style!

At Mohawk Home, you will find Mohawk machine-woven rugs, Mohawk machine-tufted rugs, Mohawk print rugs, Mohawk tapestry rugs, Mohawk hand-hooked rugs and Mohawk hand-tufted rugs. Traditional and transitional designs are some of the most popular Mohawk rugs. Mohawk ancient-style rugs use the arts of ancient weaving combined with artistic styling and contemporary colors. Look for Mohawk Home's new Urban Retreat collection of shag area rugs arriving now at Mohawk Home designers.

For beautiful bathrooms, buy Mohawk bath rugs! For the master bathroom suite, treat your feet to paradise with plush, luxurious Mohawk bath rugs, or choose fun Mohawk bath rugs for kids to make bath time a bubbling-over success. Everybody's feet will love to step out onto softness with sumptuous chenille Mohawk bath rugs, and Mohawk nylon bath rugs will warm the coolest bathroom floors.

Mohawk Industries recently merged with its rug-manufacturing subsidiary, Goodwin Weavers. The combined entity - Mohawk Select - continues to manufacture many of Goodwin Weavers' original patterns, while also introducing many new Mohawk rug styles. Mohawk Select rugs are the premium choice when it comes to rug design, color and value. Premium rug consumers will select Mohawk Select!

Here is a selection of some of the Mohawk Select rugs available:

Bella Rouge Mohawk rugs: Southwestern, traditional and contemporary styles, 10-color palette; Cambria Mohawk rugs: Ultra-modern and contemporary styles are the highlight of this new collection; Estate Mohawk rugs: For timeless traditional designs; Platinum Mohawk rugs: Contemporary and classic rugs in metallic appearance, bronze and black shades; Velvet Impressions Mohawk rugs: Modern and traditional rugs, ultra-soft pencil-point yarn, 10-color palette, dense pile.

Here is the dirt on cleaning Mohawk rugs, as advised by Mohawk rug experts: For best results, use the Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Spot Remover. Apply Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Spot Remover to stains, working from the outer edge toward the center to avoid spreading. Blot with a clean Mohawk Microfiber Cloth, do not rub or scrub, as the carpet may fuzz. Continue to spray and blot until the stain is gone. Do not over saturate carpet - use small amounts of solution and blot frequently.

There are numerous suppliers of magnificent Mohawk rugs to be found. Go online to locate the nearest Mohawk rug dealer or your local authorized Mohawk retailers. Feet have never been in better company than with Mohawk rugs. For rugs that have been enhancing American floors for generations, choose Mohawk rugs. For the latest in style, great color and texture, choose Mohawk rugs. For a brand name you can trust, choose Mohawk rugs!

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