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Kids Rugs

Nothing says fashion, fun and functionality better than kids' rugs. Kids' rugs and carpets are area rugs designed especially for kids. Your kids' feet will never be in finer company than with a kids' rug! Kids' rugs come in a wide array of rug colors, shapes, patterns and designs for kids of any young age.

Most kids' rugs are high quality carpets. Especially designed to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of children, kids' rugs are constructed with high-quality materials. Soft yet durable, kids' rugs are intended to last for years. Look for kids' rugs that are stain resistant for easy cleaning, and kids' rugs with antibacterial backings for added protection against deterioration and odors caused by microbial activity. This floor-covering innovation also means that any spills on the face of kids' rugs will come in contact with the antibacterial treatment, minimizing damage beneath and behind the rug.

A great kids' room is full of what kids need and love. Your children will be in heaven as they sink their toes into colorful, warm, and inviting rugs made especially for kids! Kids' rugs enhance the dיcor of any bedroom, or you can choose kids' rugs for the nursery and playroom. Select fun and educational kids' rugs for the classroom, or kids' rugs that can be hung on the wall.

Rugs for kids are available in a myriad of shapes and patterns that are sure to spark your child's imagination. Set the stage for color, learning, and fun by adding a patterned kids' rug to your child's room. For floors that teach, select kids' rugs featuring the planets, ABC's, 123's, the Bible, world map and bilingual kids' rugs. Find kids' rugs based on children's favorite stories and rhymes. For the aspiring superstar, select kids' rugs that match your child's favorite sport. There are kids' rugs in the shape of a soccer ball, baseball, football, basketball and more. For kids who love a good race, a Grand Prix kids' rug laps the competition for style and performance! Find planes, trains and automobiles kids' rugs; fire engine kids' rugs; stars and stripes kids' rugs; animal kids' rugs; flower kids' rugs; princess, ballerina and cowboy kids' rugs; shaped kids' rugs; bath kids' rugs. Put your young ones on cloud nine as they step on to celestial kids' rugs in the shape of the moon or the sun. For younger children, choose interactive kids' rugs that feature a rug and play area all in one!

You can also select from a variety of constructions of rugs. Kids' rug collections include acrylic rugs, cotton and wool rugs; braided and flat rugs; hand and machine made rugs; flokati rugs; plaid rugs; hand-hooked, cut pile and accent rugs; durable nylon rugs; chenille rugs, and more. Synthetic fibers (nylon or polypropylene) made from plastic are especially popular for kids' rugs since they tend to be more stain resistant.

Let your son or daughter show off their decorating flair by choosing their own fun rug or carpet for their bedroom! And kids' rugs are not only for children - - teenagers and any young at heart will fall in love with their floors with a decorative, new rug. For great teen dיcor, choose contemporary rugs, retro rugs, trendy rugs, new wave rugs, Mary Kate and Ashley rugs, high-fashion color rugs, superstar rugs, and more. No matter what rug your children choose, they'll love sinking their toes into their new kids' rug!

In addition to their aesthetic quality, kids' rugs have many functions. Kids rugs protect the floor underneath and add extra insulation. Rugs for kids also help improve indoor air quality at schools and daycares across the country. Here's how: In the absence of rugs or carpets, dust, allergens, and other particles settle on the floor and collect there. As school children move through the hallways they stir up these particles and cause them to become suspended in the air at regular intervals during the day. Rugs and carpets, however, have millions of fibers that trap and hold these particles until they can be removed by vacuuming and cleaning.

Kids' rugs are easy to care for. Most kids' rugs are machine washable. To maintain and cherish your child's rug for years to come, follow these cleaning suggestions:

Vacuum or sweep regularly

Always spot test before using cleaners over larger areas

When cleaning, always blot, NEVER scrub/rub abrasively

When vacuuming, do not vacuum over serge. This can cause serge yarn to become frayed, and torn.

Do not saturate carpet with wet solution

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