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Want to add some heat to your fireplace? Now you can warm your feet, your home and your fireplace with the hottest, latest trend in interior home decorating: Hearthrugs! A hearthrug is a small throw rug made of a flame-retardant material that is placed in front of the fireplace, or hearth. Hearthrugs are designed to protect you, your floors and your carpets from flying sparks, rolling logs, coals, cinders and ashes. Hearthrugs are safe. Hearthrugs are smart. Hearthrugs are the latest rug sensation!

Burnt carpets and scarred hardwood floors can now be a thing of the past with contemporary hearthrugs. These fire resistant rugs are specially made to prevent damage to your wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs and flooring. A safe place for sparks and live coals from the fireplace to fall, hearthrugs may get singed, but hearthrugs will keep you and your surroundings safe.

As the range of hearthrugs on the market continues to fan, all hearthrugs have one element in common: Hearthrugs must meet the CPSC standard FF 1-70 for flammability of carpets. This federal surface flammability test is often called the "pill test" and certifies that a rug will not continue to support combustion once an ignition source has cooled or been removed. So while an ember may char a spot on a hearthrug, the hearthrug will not burn and will protect its underlying surface.

Never have fashion and "flare" come together so modishly than with modern hearthrugs. This smoking hot innovation in rug regalia is catching on, and today there are increasing numbers, types and sizes of hearthrugs available to furnish your floors and to adorn your fireplace.

Wool is the fiber of choice for hearthrugs. Since wool is naturally fire resistant, wool hearthrugs are a natural for the fireplace. Wool hearthrugs may char but will not melt, and often a charred spot on a wool hearthrug can be rubbed away, leaving your rug design and color intact. Wool hearthrugs offer the highest protection for your hearth over other materials excluding fiberglass. For a rug look that is sure to receive a standing ovation, try dyeing your wool hearthrug to match or complement your fireplace!

Nylon hearthrugs provide the next level of fire protection for your floors. Nylon has the highest melting point of the synthetic fibers used in carpets. While embers may produce a small melt spot on a nylon rug, nylon hearthrugs will not burn and will protect their underlying surface. Use these soil resistant hearthrugs to add style and superior protection while you toast your toes!

Synthetic hearthrugs made from olefin, polyester or polypropylene produce a char that reduces heat transfer and the spread of flames when exposed to hot embers. Synthetic hearthrugs are also moth and static resistant. However, a warm word to the wise: The fringe on synthetic hearthrugs may not be fire resistant!

Fiberglass hearthrugs offer the highest protection you can lay down in front of your fireplace. These exclusive hearthrugs, made from flame-resistant fiberglass and trimmed in polyester, protect you and your carpets from flying sparks and embers without melting, smoldering, or scarring. A heavy, non-skid vinyl backing ensures that fiberglass hearthrugs lay flat to avoid accidental tripping, and keeps your hearthrug in place for long-lasting protection.

And there's more! The demand for today's newest innovation in home decor is heating up, and fans of hearthrugs are fanning the flames of fashion, seeking the scores of original hearthrugs on the market. Modern hearthrugs are available in an array of designs to fit the wide array of decorating styles, and you can find hearthrugs in many earthy and fashionable colors, patterns, shapes and sizes.

Here is a hot list of the hearthrugs currently igniting rug consumer passions: Look for half-round hearthrugs; half-moon hearthrugs; rectangle hearthrugs; oval hearthrugs; solid color hearthrugs; printed hearthrugs; multi-color hearthrugs; hearthrugs in Oriental style; Jardin-style hearthrugs; Americana hearthrugs; classic design hearthrugs; contemporary design hearthrugs; hearthrugs made from 100% New Zealand wool; machine-made jacquard hearthrugs; hand-tufted hearthrugs; plush, French Aubusson hearthrugs; braided hearthrugs, and more.

Protect your fireside floors, rugs and carpets with handsome hearthrugs for a fashionable look that is all the rage. Give hearthrugs as a gift that is sure to warm the heart - and feet - of any recipient! Finally, for a family heirloom that is sure to be a floor favorite for years to come, invest in a heartwarming hearthrug today!

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