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Rug revelers are rolling out the red carpet for designer rugs! Designer rugs, originated by artists, fashion designers, and rug weavers of the highest caliber, are becoming the top choice in rugs for discerning rug buyers. Using modish colors, striking patterns, and innovative as well as traditional rug-making techniques, creators of designer rugs are producing carpets of superior quality and breathtaking beauty.

You can enjoy the exclusiveness of your own designer rug as you select from contemporary style designer rugs, traditional style designer rugs, cotton, wool, silk and jute designer rugs, handmade designer rugs, hand-tufted designer rugs, machine-made designer rugs, limited edition designer rugs and many more.

Creators of custom-made designer rugs will work with you to generate a personalized carpet that perfectly suits your needs and environment. For an entirely individual look, custom-made designer rugs may be conceived around your own artwork or a selected theme. Each designer rug is made with close attention to detail, dimension, color and style, producing top-of-the-line rugs for fashionable floors.

To decorate your home or work environment, make a statement that stands out when you select designer rugs! From classic European to ultra contemporary styles, designer rugs feature the artwork and craftsmanship of many famed artists and designers. Popular picks among designer rugs today include the Kathy Ireland collection, Phillip Crowe and Suzanne Nicoll. Susan Sargent's signature style shines in each of her brilliant, colorful designer rugs. Picasso continues to revolutionize the art world with Picasso designer rugs, and Andy Warhol's famed artwork has hit the floors with Andy Warhol designer rugs. The Andy Warhol Rugs Collection is divided into four design categories: Factory, Pop Abstracts, Signature, and Simply Andy.

Furnishing the floors of residences, palaces and commercial installations, and adorning the walls of art museums and mansions alike, designer rugs bridge high fashion with function like never before. Combining shading, depth, space, transparency, graphics and illusions of movement in innovative and eye-catching ways, designer rugs set the standard for the deluxe in rug regalia.

Make a lasting impression by following your own, unique sense of style when shopping for designer rugs. Select from an array of designer rugs reflecting the colors and patterns of our time. Be daring with designer rugs that etch new paths in the realm of rug decor, or tread softly with classic designer rug selections.

For a lasting investment in style, and to bring distinction to your favorite rooms, delve into the world of designer rugs and flood your floors with color, taste and texture. Your designer rug is sure to receive a standing ovation!

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