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Couristan rugs

For high quality rugs with a rep you can trust, roll out the red carpet for Couristan rugs! Couristan rugs by Couristan Inc. are carpets well grounded in family tradition and steeped in a legacy of rug excellence. The company, established by the Couri family in 1926 with the import of handmade area rugs from Persia, is still family-owned today and run by brothers George G. Couri, Chairman, and Ron J. Couri, CEO and President. Couristan rugs' solid reputation for exquisite power-loomed and handmade rugs walks before them, and Couristan rugs continue to pave the way of the future with new Couristan rug constructions and innovative Couristan color techniques.

Here are some threads of interest weaving the history of Couristan rugs: As early as the 1926, the company began affixing the "Couristan" trademark label to the back of each rug it imported. This label, composed of the family name "Couri" and the frequently used suffix "stan", referred to the region of small weaving villages from which the company imported its rugs. The first Couristan rugs were a few shipments of Sparta Rugs from Smyrna in 1926, and by 1927 Couristan Inc. was already offering area rugs from India.

In the 1930's, Couristan rugs made ground-breaking news with their import of handmade hooked rugs and braided rugs from the far East. Forging new footsteps in the rug industry, Couristan Inc. was able to create a marketplace for handmade Oriental area rugs where there previously was none. Today, Couristan Inc. offers a wide assortment of exclusively designed Couristan power-loomed rugs and Couristan handmade rugs, as well as quality Couristan residential broadloom and custom contract carpeting. Couristan products are available online, and in department stores, home furnishings catalogs, specialty floor-covering stores and furniture retail stores. The company's global headquarters with a full showroom of Couristan rugs is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, at Two Executive Drive.

Nothing says comfort and class better than Couristan rugs. Weaving the way of the future in the realm of rugs, Couristan's ingenuity and extensive design development give way to Couristan rugs that bring flair to every floor and high fashion to your feet. Bringing these out-of-this-world carpets back down to earth, Couristan rugs are available at prices you can afford!

Couristan's power-loomed rugs feature distinctive designs at great value. Couristan power-loomed rugs come in a rainbow of colors, and with vibrant designs and patterns made from both natural fibers and synthetic blends. Couristan power-loom rugs range from traditional to contemporary, featuring both natural and novelty textures.

For beauty you can walk on, choose handmade rugs made by Couristan. Featuring traditional motifs, antique-washed looks, Oriental designs and beautiful border rugs, Couristan handmade rugs are rich, brilliant and exquisitely elegant.

Put your ear to the ground and listen to the latest rumblings at Couristan Inc.! Here's what's new in Couristan rugs: "Creations by Couristan" is a new residential broadloom brand collection. With Couristan's newest collection of rugs, your feet can sink into style without sinking your budget! Designed for today's trendy, fashion-minded and budget-conscious rug consumers, "Creations by Couristan" was carefully crafted by Couristan Inc. following extensive research on consumer needs, shopping habits, and lifestyle trends. The result? High-end Couristan rugs that are sure to give you, your home and your feet a lift!

Look for these Couristan type rugs available in the "Creations by Couristan" rug collection: Traditional Couristan rugs; contemporary Couristan rugs; transitional Couristan rugs; trend-setting Couristan rugs; wool Couristan rugs; polypropylene Couristan rugs; nylon Couristan rugs; loop pile Couristan rugs; printed Couristan rugs; patterned Couristan rugs; solid Couristan rugs; Persian Couristan rugs; classic Couristan rugs: classy Couristan rugs: casual Couristan rugs; elegant Couristan rugs; sisal Couristan rugs, and many more.

Couristan power-loomed rugs include the "Everest Collection" of rugs. Made with the most advanced technology available in heat-set polypropylene, these Couristan rugs are power-loomed of a premium 1250 D-Tex yarn, come with a thick pile offering one million points of yarn per square meter, and feature a super-thick weave with a soft finish. Available in rich colors, in 49 rich designs, and at prices you can afford.

Relax with the "Marco Island Collection" power-loomed Couristan rugs with a modern classic look. Blending traditional designs and motifs with today's trendiest color palettes, these Coursitan rugs can be found in hot hues such as avocado, coffee, cobalt, ebony, Sahara tan, and sand.

Couristan's " Soho Collection" of handmade rugs feature one-of-a-kind rugs in trend-setting, abstract art style. Inspired by New York City's famous Soho community, Couristan rugs from the Soho Collection make a bold statement in any decorative, sophisticated, contemporary environment. These Couristan rugs are handcrafted from 100% Bikaner wool, with a luster-washed dense pile for a unique sheen appearance. Couristan rugs from this collection come in fashion forward colors, including chestnut, colonial red, créme caramel, deep maple, faded yellow, mesa red & sage grass. For carpets that are cutting-edge in construction and in color, choose Couristan Soho rugs!

Couristan's latest contemporary collection of handmade rugs is the "Natural Square Collection". These simple geometric design Couristan rugs feature an extra-heavy pile in blends of 100% un-dyed pure natural wool. The natural color palette of this collection of Couristan rugs make these carpets the perfect complement to any neutral decor.

With Couristan rugs that reflect the art of ancient rug-making, Couristan rugs that update classic designs with modern color combinations and modish textures, and with contemporary Couristan rugs that are all the rage among trendy textile traders, there is no end to the timeless allure of Couristan rugs. For a rug whose style and good taste knows no bounds, choose a Couristan rug today!

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