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Nothing says "home sweet home" better than country rugs! Historically, "country rugs" referred to Oriental rugs made by village weavers. These country rugs were less tightly knotted and more simply designed than their city rug counterparts. Today, the terms "country rugs", "country living rugs", or "country style rugs" refer to any rug with a rustic, country or floral design that adds comfort and coziness to your home.

In the traditional weaving regions of the Middle or Far East, country rugs were made by village weavers or semi-nomadic rug-makers limited in their rug-production by locally available materials. Made typically by a single weaver, the country rug maker might build the loom, prepare and dye the wool, choose the design, and weave and wash county rugs single-handedly. Country rugs designs are simple and often bold and geometric. Less tightly knotted than their city counterparts, country rugs also use fewer colors (five or six) than city rugs, and some country rugs still use only vegetable dyes like madder and indigo.

City rugs, conversely, are the work product of people from many different areas. Often tightly knotted with intricate patterns of many colors (more than ten), city rugs are made in order to sell as opposed to what is traditional. In the case of city rugs, there is often an entrepreneur who hires designers, dyers, weavers, and washers to make especially high-quality rugs. Synthetic dyes are characteristic of city or commercial rugs.

Today's "country rugs" are carpets that contribute to a warm, relaxed feeling, especially when combined with other "country" home decorating. If you like relaxed home decor, then roll out the red carpet for country rugs! Country style or country living rugs are especially popular and common in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the traditional gathering place for families and friends, many people design their kitchens to be especially enjoyable, inviting places. Country rugs help to soften and warm cold floors, add splashes of color, and protect against slippage where spills are common. Country style rugs often showcase picturesque country scenes, such as farmhouses and country houses, farm animals (like cows, ducks or chickens), and summer foods (like apples and harvest foods). It is extremely common to see country rugs that are combinations and shades of red, blue, brown & yellow - warm colors that give a peaceful, relaxing feeling.

Country rugs are not limited in use to kitchens, however. Country rugs are appealing in any area of the house. Country style rugs, unlike Oriental rugs, do not generally portray ornate designs or vivid, dynamic colors. Besides exhibiting pastoral, outdoor scenes, country style rugs are often solid-colored or have patterns characteristic of a homemade quilt.

Available in a wide array of inviting designs, handsome country rugs are a popular addition that will add charm to any abode! You can find solid country rugs, decorative floral country rugs, braided country rugs, flat country rugs, oval, round, rectangle, square and heart-shaped country rugs, and a myriad of other patterned country rugs. For the perfect fit, country rugs are available in many different sizes.

French country rugs are special country style rugs with a distinctive look and style. The French countryside, with its elegance and rustic charm, conjures up exceptionally tranquil emotions and feelings in its viewers. French country rugs bring this peaceful, stylistic simplicity into homes around the world. French country rugs are generally made with deep, rich colors such as maroon, rose, forest green, taupe, and more. French country rugs are very adaptable and can easily be incorporated into other decorative styles and elements. Popular French country rug types feature roosters, tranquil vineyards, wine bottles and grapes. Subtle embroidered patterns are typical of French country rugs as well.

Regardless of which kind of country rug you choose, there is sure to be a country rug that appeals to your tastes and style. For a peaceful, idyllic feeling, and to add a touch of tranquility and warmth to your rooms everyday, invest in country rugs!

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