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Children's Rugs

Playtime hits the floor with children's rugs! Colorful children's rugs add fashion, fun and functionality to your children's favorite floors. Choose children's rugs for the bedroom, nursery or playroom, or children's educational rugs for rugs that teach in the classroom.

Children's rugs and carpets are area rugs designed especially for children. Children's rugs come in a wide array of colors, shapes, patterns and designs for kids of any young age. Choose children's rugs as a terrific home dיcor alternative to expensive wallpapers and custom paint techniques, especially for kids who often change their mind about what is their 'favorite thing'. While you may think twice about removing wallpaper or repainting, replacing a children's rug as your child's interests mature is a breeze: just roll out the red carpet and let your kids fall in love with their floors all over again, with their new children's rug!

A great kids' room is full of what children need and love. Your kids' feet will never be in finer company than with a child's rug! You can find children's rugs with designs that include roads, highways, and bridges; children's rugs with planets, the moon, sun and stars; ABC and 123 children's rugs; bilingual children's rugs; children's sports rugs for the aspiring superstars; children's rugs with designs that glow in the dark; ballerina and princess children's rugs; Paddington Bear and Disney children's rugs; cats, dogs, frogs, bunnies, bugs, and butterflies children's rugs; Nascar and NHL children's rugs; Garfield and Rugrats children's rugs; bath children's rugs, and many more. For a gift they will jump all over, order personalized children's rugs with your children's names.

Shopping for children's rugs is a little different than shopping for other rugs. While it's true that people usually prefer a high, thick carpet pile because of its soft feel and cushioning, this type of rug is not the best choice for a child's room. In fact, children's rug experts recommend rugs with a pile height that is less than about 1/3 of an inch for rooms where children play. A lower pile rug is a flatter surface for children to play upon and doesn't get in the way of pulling toys, zooming trucks, and playing catch. In addition, since dirt is a big consideration in children's rooms, a lower carpet pile makes cleaning and vacuuming more thorough as vacuum cleaners are able to clean all the way down to the bottom of the rug.

Another important factor in selecting rugs for children is the type of fiber in the rug. Look for children's rugs with fibers that are stain resistant and for machine washable children's rugs. Synthetic fibers (nylon or polypropylene) made from plastic are the most popular for kids' rooms since they tend to be stain resistant.

Let your son or daughter show off their decorating flair by choosing their own fun rug or carpet for their bedroom! And children's rugs are not just for kids - teenagers and any young at heart will love their floors with fashionable, new rugs. For great teen dיcor, choose contemporary rugs, retro rugs, trendy rugs, new wave rugs, Mary Kate and Ashley rugs, high-fashion color rugs, superstar rugs, and more. No matter what rug your kids choose, they'll love sinking their toes into their new children's rug!

Children's rugs are easy to care for. Most children's rugs are machine washable. To maintain and cherish your child's rug for years to come, follow these cleaning suggestions:

Vacuum or sweep regularly

Always spot test before using cleaners over larger areas

When cleaning, always blot, NEVER scrub/rub abrasively

When vacuuming, do not vacuum over serge. This can cause serge yarn to become frayed, and torn.

Do not saturate carpet with wet solution

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