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Capel Rugs

Classic. Contemporary. Casual. Chic. Comfortable and always captivating: CAPEL RUGS. A family tradition since 1917, Capel Rugs Inc. continues to floor the rug industry with their eclectic array of top-notch Capel area rugs, offering one of the most diverse rug collections in the world.

There are Capel rugs for every taste, every interior! From traditional Capel rugs to contemporary Capel rugs, classic Capel rugs to trendy Capel rugs, designer Capel rugs, casual Capel rugs and more. Currently, the Capel rug collection offers over 100 styles of rugs to choose from. Capel Rugs Inc. is continually offering new rug designs, staying one step ahead of the latest in floor trends to ensure that you stand on firm ground when it comes to rug selection.

To weave through the history of Capel rugs is to understand that the Capel family has been stitching choice rugs and carpets for a time of over 80 years. Founded by A. Leon Capel, Sr., Mr. Capel invented the original braided rug in the early 1900's. A ground-breaking success in the realm of rugs, he named his innovation New Departure. Although Mr. Capel, Sr. passed away in 1972, his sons continued to run the Capel rug dynasty and in 1980, A. Leon Capel & Sons, Inc. changed its name to Capel, Incorporated.

Personal dedication to quality and value continue to be the cornerstone of the Capel rug legacy. Today, Capel Rug Inc. employees number in the hundreds and intensive product development has resulted in over 20 styles of cherished Capel rugs. Woven by artisans from around the world, Capel rugs feature modern rugs, traditional rugs and transitional design rugs - a blend of traditional and contemporary designs that is at once both simple and sophisticated.

Capel rugs are made from the finest wools, silk, cotton, chenille and high-tech performance synthetics such as olefin. Compelling Capel rugs are not only beautiful, they are highly durable at affordable prices, offering you a product that will give flair to your floors for years to come! .

Today, you can invest in a myriad of Capel rugs. Look for traditional, contemporary and transitional Capel rugs; outdoor Capel rugs; lodge Capel rugs; juvenile Capel rugs, and the signature braided Capel rugs. Capel rug constructions feature machine-woven Capel rugs, hand-woven Capel rugs, hand- tufted Capel rugs, hand-knotted Capel rugs, loop-hooked Capel rugs, braided Capel rugs, and authentic animal skin Capel rugs.

Most Capel rugs are 100% reversible. To care for Capel rugs, vacuum regularly, surface shampoo, and dry flat.

Whether you are looking for rugs that are elegant, luxurious, casual, simple, classic, rustic, intricate, or sophisticated, Capel Rugs Inc. has the perfect carpet to match your unique style and decor. For beauty you can walk on, choose Capel rugs today!

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