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Bath Rugs

The lowly rug is getting a lift - with bath rugs! An entirely new take on the classic bath mat, bath rugs or bathroom rugs are quickly becoming all the rage in bathroom interior decorating. For a unique look that bubbles with style, why not redecorate your bathroom with rugs? Bath rugs!

While any rugs that are suitable for damp areas may do for a bath rug, today you can find rugs specifically designed for use as bath or bathroom rugs. Bath rugs allow a personal, creative touch without the cost and labor of wallpapering, tiling or painting bathroom walls. Cotton bath rugs that are machine-washable are common bath rug favorites, and Olefin bath rugs - easy to maintain and clean - are also popular picks.

Use bath rugs to provide contrast, diversity and a splash of color to a plain tiled bathroom, or color coordinate bath rugs to match the rest of your home or bathroom decorating style. While typically a 40 x 70 cm or a 90 x 60 cm bath rug will fit the floor space of a bathroom nicely, bath rugs can be any size or shape, depending on the room dimensions. Choose fun bath rugs for kids to make bath time a bubbling-over success; treat your feet to paradise with plush, luxurious bath rugs for the master bathroom suite; step out onto softness with sumptuous chenille bath rugs, or shake out and dry out with shiny shag bath rugs.

Some bath rugs feature a plush, carpeted feel on one side of the bath rug, with short or long loops that absorb moisture and have a tighter look on the other bath rug side. These reversible bath rugs offer twice the style! Almost all bath rugs come with rubber or latex backings to prevent slipping and to prevent bath rugs from shifting on wet bathroom floors.

Today, there is a wide array of bathroom rugs in many styles, shapes, patterns and colors to choose from. In fact, bath rugs are so modish that even acclaimed fashion designers are enjoying creating a wave with their unique creations of bath rugs. Look for Ralph Lauren's "Avenue Corduroy" bath rugs with alternating rows of high and low-luster nylon that create a richly textured look reminiscent of your favorite cords. Calvin Klein's reversible bath rugs offer a versatile look for your bathroom in great Calvin colors, and Laura Ashley bath rugs are your choice for sophisticated style and superior comfort.

Play around with printed bath rugs to add a unique blend of color and texture to your bathroom, or brighten up your bath area with fun, striped bath rugs for a look that refreshes and revives even before you hit the shower! Specialty bath rugs include whimsical duck-shaped bath rugs, available exclusively in yellow, or, for a great catch, go fishing with a fish-shaped bath rug available in a sea of colors!

Give your feet a warm stepping ground near the shower, bath, toilet and sink with "bath rug ensembles", "bath rug sets" or "bath rug collections". Bath rug sets, including a toilet seat cover, contoured rug and bath rugs for the floor, are available in a rich rainbow of colors to coordinate your bathroom d×™cor. For a pulled-together look, try matching your bath towels to your bath rugs too!

For beauty, comfort and style that is beyond, decorate with bath rugs today!

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