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Antique Rug Gallery New York

Antique Rug Gallery New York

Rug gazing has never been grander than in antique rug galleries in New York. New York, the epicenter of style, taste and high class, is host to a host of antique and semi-antique rug galleries. New York antique rug galleries showcase the world's most exquisite weaves from the Middle and Far East. For the most varied and rich antique rug collections today, make New York your destination and visit a New York antique rug gallery today.

A world-class destination, New York rug galleries feature world-class antique rugs. Whether you are looking for an antique Brussels tapestry, a French Aubusson, a Persian prayer rug, or a room size Herez, you will find your rug in one of New York's antique rug galleries. Many New York rug galleries also offer new rugs from all over the world, rugs at wholesale prices, and complete rug restoration facilities and cleaning services for antique and new rugs and carpets. Some rug galleries in New York will also buy your antique rugs, regardless of condition, for their collections.

"Metropolitan Carpet Gallery" in New York has been gracing the rug community with their large collection of antique rugs and carpets for over 25 years. Located on Broadway in the heart of New York, this art gallery's show is a hit! Browse the rug gallery online, visit the collection in person in New York, or if you cannot visit the showroom, this New York based antique rug gallery will ship any item to you on approval basis.

New York's "Double Knot Rug Gallery" features decorative oriental antique rugs, antique tribal rugs, kilims and textiles, as well as semi-antique and new rugs. Rug consumers give this New York rug gallery a standing ovation for its fair prices, extensive rug knowledge and quality customer service.

"The Fred Moheban Gallery" on Fifth Avenue in New York, New York has been serving rug consumers, collectors, designers and decorators for over 45 years. Grounded by a reputation for rug condition and quality, this New York based rug gallery has built one of the finest and most extensive antique rug collections including period European carpets from Savonnerie, Aubusson and Axminster, antique Oriental rugs from renowned weaving areas such as Oushak, Sultanabad, Tabriz, Kashan and Agra, as well as classical Persian and Antique Caucasian Rugs. With the addition of full cleaning and restoration services, this gallery's antique rugs are meticulously cared for.

New York is a marketplace for the best antique, traditional and contemporary rugs in the industry. In fact, 2005 was the launch of the first annual New York International Carpet Show (NYICS). This New York regal rug event is more than just a trade show. Dedicated to top importers of handmade rugs, this New York rug extravaganza is a showcase grander than any rug gallery! Spurred by the marked increase in consumer demand for handsome, authentic handmade rugs, the annual New York rug exhibition is ground for talented rug weavers to display their wares.

To view antique rugs created by artisan weavers from all over the world, you don't need a flying carpet or a trip around the globe. Simply hit the pavement on solid New York ground and look for exquisite antique rug galleries today!

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