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Accent rug

Do you have a decorating theme you want to emphasize? Furniture you want to give prominence or more weight to? A design you want to underscore or lay emphasis on? A style you want to underline? Colors you want to heighten and highlight? A space you want to give importance to? Patterns you want to stress? Nothing adds to and accentuates your home décor better than accent rugs! Accent rugs are all the rage in today's rug industry. A simple way to update, change, contrast, enhance, introduce or embellish any type of indoor or outdoor décor, accent rugs are an interior decorator's delight; accent rugs bring flair to your floors and vogue to your feet; accent rugs are the bottom-line in floor high-fashion!

Typical accent rugs are less than 4'x 6', often ranging in size from 2'x3' to 3'x5'. Accent rugs can be place anywhere throughout the house and work especially well in cozy nooks in larger rooms, in kitchens, bathrooms, doorways and foyers. You can use accent rugs to highlight or compliment existing rugs and furnishing patterns, or take a walk on the wild side and let accent rugs shake-up the decorative scheme with a bold, new look that has "panache" imprinted all over it! Accent rugs add warmth and protection to the fireplace. Accent rugs brighten the bathroom and enliven the hallway. Nothing says "home sweet home" better than country style accent rugs in the kitchen, and feet everywhere will love plush accent rugs at the bedside. For a gift kids will jump all over, add themed accent rugs to their bedroom, and fun accent rugs in the bathroom are sure to be a bubbling over success!

In the den, living room or dining room, accent rugs are an inexpensive means to transform, reinvent, anchor or define the room with minimal effort and expense. Accent rugs can pull together all of the design elements of a room, or accent rugs can break the monotony of larger area rugs and furnishing patterns. Accent rugs are especially useful in blending, complimenting and creating colorful harmony within a room's décor. Offering the welcome convenience of machine-washable and easy-care fabrics, accent rugs are available in an array of fashion-forward designs, up-to-date styles, and fresh colors.

Nothing says fashion and function better than versatile accent rugs. Accent rugs add texture to your rooms, comfort to your feet, and softness and warmth to your floors. Accent rugs allow creative freedom at prices you can afford. These carpets can't fly, but accent rugs are soaring to the top of the charts in the realm of rugs!

There are "piles" of accent rugs flooring the rug market, in every shape, size, style, pattern, texture and theme you can dream of. Here are some of the MANY (note the accent!) accent rugs available today: Look for traditional accent rugs; contemporary accent rugs; trendy accent rugs; hand made accent rugs; machine made accent rugs; natural fiber accent rugs; synthetic fiber accent rugs; shag accent rugs; sheepskin accent rugs; Navajo accent rugs; Flokati accent rugs; country accent rugs; bath accent rugs; children's accent rugs; elegant accent rugs; casual elegant rugs; classic accent rugs; classy accent rugs; plain, solid accent rugs; intricate, patterned accent rugs; braided accent rugs; flat weave accent rugs; tufted accent rugs; knotted accent rugs; discount accent rugs; designer accent rugs; retro accent rugs; Mohawk accent rugs; hearth accent rugs; surfboard accent rugs; animal accent rugs; funky accent rugs; art deco accent rugs; Oriental-style accent rugs; outdoor accent rugs; rugged, durable accent rugs; soft, plush accent rugs; fluffy accent rugs; reversible accent rugs; beach theme accent rugs; multi-shaped accent rugs, and many more.

With new weaving technologies available today, rug manufacturers are able to create accent rugs with sharper, brighter print definition, increased cushioning, enhanced coloring and improved stain resistance. You can also create your own unique sense of style with handmade accent rugs.

A welcome addition to any home or office, a definite eye-catcher and an absolute foot-stopper, accent rugs are sure to stand out anywhere you place them!

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