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Your bare feet sink into the soft plush bedroom carpet. It feels like a layer of warm sand is embracing your soles. The calm slowly trickles through your body, as the tenseness fades away. Oh, just the thought already relaxes you. Yes, carpets have that magical power to transform any ordinary hutch into a grand five star hotel. Even your shoes appreciate the well needed retreat from the unruly cement and hard tiled floors.

But how can you discern those truly "other-worldly" carpets from their deceitful colleagues laying beside them, all in tiny swatch sizes? And more importantly- is that really what you are seeking in your perspective rug. Or perhaps you are looking for a high traffic office rug, where durability supersedes comfort. Or are you looking for a rug to bedeck your newly built dream home or the ball room you manage, where aesthetics rule above all.

The topic of rugs is expansive as the lush green carpets of grass that line the meadow fields. Outer appearance comes with least "rules," and probably the hardest decision on your part. Try to buy a rug which has a large floor sample in the show room, so that you can see how it looks in real life and won't be in for any undesirable surprises. Other then that, if you opt not to go with a designer it will be up to you to judge which colors will go with your furniture and provide the room with the right ambiance.

The durability and comfort can be a bit easier. This rug guide will give you a good idea of which materials will suit your needs, the benefits and drawbacks of different carpet weaves and which type of dies are best. It will also aide you after your (hopefully successful) carpet purchase with care and cleaning instructions.

We wish you a successful journey through the world of rugs, and hope it results in an abundance of comfort, beauty and durability- in which ever order you desired. 

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