The Happiness Advantage: The Unofficial Review Guide

FIVE: The Zorro Circle

Principle #5: The Zorro Circle

The Zorro Circle gets its name from the movie Zorro, where the elder sword master draws a circle in the dirt, telling his pupil that he can only fight within this small circle. As he masters control of the circle, only then can he expand his mastery beyond it. (p.128)

Similarly, we can create our own Zorro Circle by first concentrating our efforts on small manageable goals, gaining control before moving on. (p.129)

Control is an important concept to succeeding. It's been found in studies that the more in control a worker feels, the better his performance, his health, and his stress level. (p.130)

Regaining control in our lives requires we make a Zorro Circle containing small goals which can build to larger ones. By narrowing your scope, you gain control. (p.136)

Another example of the Zorro Circle in action comes from Japan, where they practice kaizen, or continuous improvement. By focusing constantly on tiny, incremental improvements, they eventually build into mammoth results. (p.139)

Focusing on small successes, as the Japanese and Zorro did, adds up to major achievement. (p.144)



The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor