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Yamaha generators are top of the line as Yamaha engineers design generators that are of superior quality, unmatched performance, and extraordinary value.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. offers an ever-expanding line of products that includes power equipment, motorcycles, outboard motors, ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, boats, race kart engines, accessories, apparel, and more. Yamaha generators are top of the line as Yamaha engineers design generators that are of superior quality, unmatched performance, and extraordinary value.

Yamaha generators are divided into a consumer line and an industrial line of products, servicing homes, businesses and construction sites. Yamaha generators run on gasoline or diesel, and some Yamaha generator models have multi-fuel capabilities, running on gasoline, propane or natural gas.

When the power goes out, Yamaha home generators automatically start and continue to run until normal power is restored. You can choose a Yamaha generator that delivers enough power for the entire house (including air conditioning), or go with a smaller unit and power a few selected circuits, such as the refrigerator, sump pump, furnace and some lights for basic survival.

Yamaha all-weather standby generators are installed outside the home and are wired through an automatic transfer switch to your main electrical panel. The use of an automatic transfer switch is essential when connecting your Yamaha generator to home wiring. Yamaha generators can be connected to the home's natural gas line, eliminating the need to fill fuel tanks. Standby systems start automatically, even if you are not home.

Yamaha portable generators can provide power for TVs, small kitchen appliances, hair dryers, power tools, lights and other comforts of civilization when you are out roughing it in the woods. Yamaha portable generators can be put to work on construction sites that have no electrical service, providing clean, reliable power to operate saws, drills, heaters, air compressors and other AC-powered tools.

If you have a business that simply can't be without power, or you want to avoid financial loss and inconvenience during a power outage, you will need a Yamaha industrial generator. Yamaha industrial generators are typically stationary, heavy-duty units that generate single (120 Volt) or three-phase (120, 240 or 480 Volt) power. These massive systems are powered by water-cooled diesel engines, with some models generating up to 200 KW (200,000 Watts) of power. With the use of an automatic transfer switch, these generators can serve as backup power for large commercial or industrial operations, such as nursing homes, refrigeration operations, farms, large buildings and other businesses that can't go without power due to an outage. In all your situations, Yamaha is there too, helping pursue your goals. Life offers many exciting experiences - Yamaha generators strive to contribute to these experiences, enlightening your world and enhancing quality of life. So, keep on trekking with a Yamaha generator!

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