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Used generators, also known as refurbished or remanufactured generators, are a viable, economic alternative to power.

Used generators, also known as refurbished or remanufactured generators, are a viable, economic alternative to power. Most generator manufacturers and dealers, alongside the extensive range of brand-name new and purpose-built generator sets, have a selection of refurbished equipment at very affordable prices. You can usually count the savings in thousands of dollars. Used generators are available in all sizes, from the smallest portable sets to the largest generators, including multiple sets suitable for paralleling and load sharing.

Virtually indistinguishable from new once refurbished, these 'pre-owned', used generators receive a full overhaul treatment by generator engineers. This process may entail the following steps:

Used generators are stripped down and inspected. Faulty or suspected parts are replaced. The unit is then re-assembled, painted and returned to original manufacturer's specifications. To ensure smooth operation of used generators, an exhaustive load test program is then completed on the used generators, including a detailed specification, and test data sheets record this information for prospective customers.

Most used generator sets are carefully purchased or are selected trade-ins. Favored models have been operational in stand-by situations for minimal hours only. Typically, diesel generators have a life of thousands of hours before major service is required, such that a used diesel generator with only a few hundred hours stand-by operation aboard is virtually in as-new condition.

Sold at reduced price tags, used generators often have an additional advantage: Sales tax is not applicable to refurbished equipment, such that savings can be as much as 50 percent! Even as the prime power source, used generator sets are a smart choice; if the used generator is destined for a standby role, the purchase of refurbished power equipment makes even more economic sense.

If you are interested in used generators, note that most generator dealers not only sell refurbished generators, but also purchase used generators and power equipment. To get a quote for your used generator, many generator dealers offer the opportunity to e-mail or fax your used generator details into the company via their online websites. At AAPower, for instance, used generators are just as important as new generators. In their words: "We have over 35,000 users per month come to this website and many of them ask about used generators. So, we have developed an online program to help those who wish to buy or sell used generators": AAPower.com.

Check it out. Remember: Refitted, extensively tested and painted, used generators are ready for a new life - as good as new!

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