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Types of Generators Explained

Learn about different types of generators as varied as colors in the rainbow, from wind powered generators to the old school hand crank electric generator.

Generators come in many shapes and sizes. But did you realize how many different types of generators are out there? The following article takes a walk through the innovative ways Mankind has used to harness and convert energy for beneficial purposes. Whether you're looking for a more economical alternative or are concerned for our world's continuity and general well being, installing a natural alternative generator is the answer.

Steam turbine (a.k.a. waterwheel): Without getting too technical, of course, pressurized steam propels rotor blades, generating resistance against the steam, and causing the steam to expand. Do this a few times and you've got some high powered steam that can then be released and used by regular folks on a daily basis.

Water turbine: Hydraulic generators, or water turbines, are run by sheer wave force. Water rushes in, forcing rotor blades into motion. In turn, these shift other parts (such as a turbine shaft and stator), creating the energy needed to run machinery from big to small. The water turbine at the Grand Coulee Dam is rated approximately one million hp.

Wind powered generators: Wind turbines use the wind to generate and convert from kinetic to mechanical energy, funneling the usable energy to various pieces of equipment at one time.

Solar powered generator: If you're redoing your home or office, here's a great alternative. Obviously, solar power is energy generated by the sun's powerful emissions. Discreet photovoltaic shingles and panels harness and can even store this inexhaustible source of energy. All in all, solar power is one of the cleanest and least expensive ways to run a home or office.

Hand crank electric generator: The hand crank electric generator is the most primitive of the technological field, yet the most effective in extreme emergencies. In several emergency situations, a hand-cranked generator can be used to charge a cell phone, flashlight or radio in just a short time. These devices can then be used to alleviate the emergency, contact assistance, stay informed, and even save lives. Hand crank generators are commonly used as educational tools, to teach children the principles of electric currents and fields.

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