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Onan Generators - Part 2

Onan generators and engines are supported by a superbly trained, worldwide certified distributor and dealer network.

Onan power equipment is available in a wide range of applications: Onan Camp Power RV generators, Onan marine generators, Onan commercial mobile generators including fire and rescue gensets, Onan home standby generators, and Onan portable generators. Onan generators and engines are further supported by a superbly trained, worldwide certified distributor/dealer network.

Onan carries the following generator models:


Onan Quiet Diesel Generators
So quiet and smooth, you won't believe they're diesels!

Onan Marquis Gold Generators
The quietest RV generators in the 5000 to 7000 watt class.

Onan Marquis Platinum Generators
The quietest RV generators in the 5000 to 7000 watt class offering electronic fuel ignition.

Onan MicroLite/MicroQuiet Generators
The quietest 2500 to 4000 watt RV generators - even quieter than national park standards.

Camp Power Generators
The first installed generator for towables and truck campers.

Onan Marine Generators

e-Series - Digital Power by Onan
Onan is Leading the Way by being first in the industry with self-monitoring capability and network communication. Our new e-Series Networked models offer multiple options for viewing genset information including Onan's e-Series Digital Display.

e-QD 4-27.5 kW electronic Quiet Diesel
e-QD 40-99 kW electronic Quiet Diesel
e-QG - Electronic Quiet Gasoline Series
e-Series Digital Display

5.5/6.5 50/60 Hz MKY Pontoon Boat Series
A gasoline model for pontoon boat applications.

Onan Commercial Mobile Power

Commercial MicroLite/MicroQuiet
Ideal for medium-duty applications with small size and weight constraints. CMM and CMM EFI Series
The first commercial mobile gensets with EFI capability. 5.5 and 7 kW. CMHG Hydraulic Series
Hydraulic generators designed as a fully-integrated power package. 6 to 20 kW. CMSD Standard Series
Diesel gensets with bullet-proof reliability. CMQD Quiet Diesel Series
The heavy-duty choice when low noise and low vibration are required. 5.5, 7.5, 10.0 and 12.0 kW.

Protec PTO
Specifically engineered for mobile emergency vehicle use with a field-proven design. 12-40 kW. Equinox Inverter
Onan's Equinox Inverter Series has models available in 1.5-3kW.

Onan Home Standby Generators

RS1200011 kW home standby generator
RS1500015 kW home standby generator
RS2000020 kW home standby generator
RS4500045 kW home standby generator

Onan Portable Generators
HomeSite Power 6500
HomeSite Power 2400

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