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M250 B: The New Fuel Cell Power System

M250 B, read about the latest in new fuel cell power system technology.

What's the newest item on the table for RV, trailer, motor home and fifth wheel owners? The lauded M250-B power system, of course. Connecting easily to your pre-existing power system, the M250-B by Protonex is said to be the answer to noise levels, generator curfews, and carbon footprints. If this puppy can perform up to its hyped up expectations, you may well see a revolution in outdoor recreational excursions.

M250-B system seems to be the new wonder generator. It claims to produce carbon-clean energy without the vibrations, noise and odor common to most RV generators. This fuel cell power system will run on methanol fuel, a clean and safe energy source that is, best of all, biodegradable. The M250-B is also sensitive to typical power components found in your RV such as inverters, deep cycle batteries and solar panels.

The 250-watt unit was shown at last years RVIA trade show with impressive results. Let's explain some of the features discussed above and demonstrated at the trade show.

- Enthusiasts loved the small methanol engine for its silent running sound level. Let's say that again, vibration-free generator that is so quiet you can hold a pleasant conversation next to. Up until now, the best you could hope for was around 60 dBa, which was quiet good. This system, on the other hand, boasts a silent engine with zero vibrations. Quiet is good, silent is better. If this actually gets released to the public, there is no telling where technology can go from here!

- Another attractive feature is the odorless emissions. Odors are eliminated by converting fuel directly into energy. And, once again, by using a cleaner fuel, methanol, you are creating cleaner emissions and cleaner power. Keep the park ranger, the tree hugger and your camping, tailgaiting, boondocking, road tripping friends happy all at the same time with lean, clean green energy.

- Now let's explain the whole conventional hybrid power idea. This system takes all the advantages of a power generator and combines it with a battery pack. The result is a super efficient power system. The M250-B is constantly running at its optimum running efficiency, providing lower fuel consumption.

- To one up the entire industry, Protonex cut out the whole messy business of gasoline and diesel by introducing the fuel cell hybrid power system.

- Main engine idle is eliminated, helping to increase your generators lifespan significantly.

- Additionally, the "set-and-forget" feature is constantly monitoring and charging your batteries so that you have the energy when you need it.

The number one buzz word for this power system is freedom- freedom from generator curfews, freedom from sound level restrictions, freedom from emissions regulations, and freedom from power grid dependence. Go anywhere and do anything with the new M250-B, seems to be the Protonex slogan of the year. All they need is to hand out six packs together with this generator, and you'll know you've died and gone to heaven.

So when will we see this seemingly flawless system? Protonex had intentions to release the M250-B to the public early 2009. Due to economic trends and a slump in the RV market, the fuel cell firm has decided to invest more time making their product more dollar friendly for the average RV owner. Delaying the release date, says the company, just means that the system will cost less to produce, thus costing less for you and me.

We'll keep you posted.

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