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Kubota Generators

Kubota generators are available in a wide array of types and power output capabilities.

Kubota's line of generators combines legendary Kubota reliability and quality with cutting edge technology. Kubota generators are available in a wide array of types and power output capabilities, from 5.5kW-20kW (single phase) and 8.0kW-28kW (three phase). Kubota generators are quiet and easy to operate, featuring easy access maintenance panels.

The following is a summary of Kubota generators available today.

Kubota ARX Series Generators: Construction site durable, yet portable enough for recreational use or as a residential emergency backup power source.

Economical and clean air-cooled, 4-cycle OHV engines.

Low Noise Level: Noise greatly reduced by Kubota's original sound reduction design (with special focus on air intake, combustion and exhaust systems).

Fuel and Oil Efficient: Improved fuel economy and reduced oil consumption contribute to economical operation. Kubota's OHV engines consume 25% less fuel and 50% less oil than comparable side valve engines. The Auto Idler lowers fuel consumption even more for ARX4000.

Easy, smooth starting: Engines used to power the ARX Series are equipped with an automatic decompression system and a maintenance fee electronic ignition device to provide easy starting in all weather. Easy 'One Push' electric start is a standard feature on ARX5500B and ARX6500B.

ARX6500B models: All connectors, indicators and controls are grouped together for convenient operation. Electric start models feature standard automatic choke and hour meters to help schedule preventive maintenances. Voltmeters and Oil Watch indicators inform the operator of problems at a glance. As a safety measure, the Oil Watch system automatically stops engine operation before the oil reaches an unsafe level. Twist-lock receptacles solve the problem of accidental cord unplugging. Built-in circuit breakers/protectors provide additional safety for AC and DC circuits.

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