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The Kohler family of businesses creates products that set the standard in engines and generators, and Kohler generators have led the way in product design and quality.

Though the Kohler Co. is best known as a worldwide leader in plumbing products, the Kohler business extends far beyond the kitchen and bath. Today, the Kohler family of businesses creates products that set the standard in engines and generators, and Kohler generators have led the way in product design and quality.

Kohler generators are categorized as: A) On-site power systems; B) Residential generators; C) Marine generators; D) Mobile generators.

Kohler onsite diesel generators range from 6 to 2800 KW and are packed with power to take on the most demanding applications. 13 new Kohler diesel generator models allow for even greater application flexibility. Kohler onsite gas generators, with five new available models, range from 20 to 800 kW and operate on a constant, low-cost fuel source. Kohler industrial mobile generators, EPA certified and available in 20 to 2000 kW, feature up to 24 hours run-time without refueling. Kohler industrial mobile generators meet most any power challenge thrown at them. Kohler 8.5 to 100 kW residential gas generators are fueled by LP or natural gas and boast quiet operation. Kohler marine generators are designed to power today's more sophisticated electronic devices. Equipped with the microprocessor-based Advanced Digital Control (ADC) or DEC3+ Control and availability of the industry's most acoustically advanced sound shields, Kohler marine diesel generators operate with an unparalleled level of performance. Further, the new low carbon monoxide Kohler gasoline generators significantly reduce CO emissions by 99 percent, confirmed by both EPA emissions and Kohler reliability tests. Finally, Kohler's 10 to 20kW mobile power generator sets are compact and lightweight, with quiet, smooth operation that easily meet the rigid sound requirements of the RV and commercial mobile industry.

In addition to the gamut of Kohler generators available, the Kohler Co. offers an online sales and service locater as well as an online Kohler generator dealer search. Moreover, Kohler offers the following specialized online tech tools:

a) Specifying/Sizing Software QuickSize is Kohler's generator-sizing software with industry leading features such as the ability to select generators based on voltage dip, frequency dip, and voltage total harmonic distortion. This allows the Kohler generator user to select the generator set that best fits their power requirements.

b) QuickSpec is a system specification writing tool With a few clicks of the mouse, QuickSpec can output a complete power system specification for generators, transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and UPS's. QuickSpec outputs the specification directly into Microsoft Word for easy editing and customization allowing the user to integrate the power system specification into a complete building specification.

c) Wireless Monitoring The PowerScan Wireless Monitor delivers complete Kohler generator standby system monitoring and alert information to maximize the performance of your Kohler generator. Kohler Power Professionals monitor your power system 24/7 and take measures to address potential problems before you're even aware there are any.

Kohler also offers a comprehensive line of automatic transfer switches to complement the full line of Kohler generators, as well generator controls that range from basic functions to sophisticated remote monitoring technology. Indeed, Kohler generators reflect the founding principles of the Kohler Co.: defining the frontiers of ideas, craftsmanship and technology.

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