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Centurion Generators

Within seconds of a power outage, Centurion generators restore power to your home or business.

Centurion Home Standby generators provide security and protection from power outages, day or night. With Centurion generator backup power, your home stays warm & well lighted, so you stay comfortable even at the most trying times. Centurion Home Standby generators are fully automatic and thus operate whether you are at home or away. Within seconds of a power outage, Centurion generators restore power to your home or business.

Unique to Centurion generators, Centurion offers the ONLY generator with a pre-wired design for easy and inexpensive installation. Centurion 3500 Watt Automatic Propane Standby Generator is the only "do it/install it yourself" automatic home standby generator on the market!

The 3500-Watt Centurion generator provides automatic backup power for smaller loads, or for homes where permanent installation is not a practical alternative. The Centurion generator is a self-contained generator package, fueled by two portable LP tanks (sold separately). Also included is a power monitor/transfer switch with a 15-foot power cord to connect inside your home. The transfer switch includes two GFCI duplex outlets for full time and emergency loads. Propane generator tanks supply the generator's engine. When one tank empties, a switch automatically changes over to the reserve tank, providing time to replenish the first. One tank provides up to 13 hours of run time.

Centurion generators are easy to install because everything comes pre-wired. The Centurion 3500 is the size of a gas grill and can be placed on your patio or terrace. This makes a Centurion generator the perfect fit for many apartments, condominiums and town houses. Powered by a Generac engine, this Centurion generator has a two year warranty from Generac covering parts and labor and is UL Listed 2200.

Features & Specifications

  • 120V single-phase generator delivers 3400 Watts with 28.3 output amps
  • Includes composite mounting pad and a 12V, Type U1 starting battery
  • Powered by a 7.8 HP Generac OHVI, 220cc single-cylinder engine
  • Engine has full-pressure lubrication and low-oil level/pressure shutdowns
  • Power transfer monitor is NEMA 1, indoor-rated at 15 Amps
  • PTM has 120V with dual 15 Amp GFCI outlets
  • PTM comes with 6-ft. power/sensing cord with 4X plug power and 15-ft. pre-wired conduit
  • Circuit breaker protected

2 indicator lamps for generator power (white) and utility available (green)

Other Centurion generator products include:

AIR COOLED MODELS: For most typical homes and small businesses. Depending on the model, eight, ten or twelve key circuits on your main distribution panel will be powered by the Centurion generator during a power outage. LIQUID COOLED MODELS: For larger homes or small businesses. With these higher output Centurion models, it may be possible to power all circuits in your home or business.

PORTABLE MODELS: The Centurion portable models augment their line of automatic home standby generators. Centurion portable generators may be used for: Recreation (camping and RV); industrial/commercial use for manufacturers and contractors; rental opportunities; manual emergency standby power for optional use in homes and small businesses.

Feel secure knowing you will have 24/7 protection against power outages with a Centurion generator!

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