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Yamaha Generators

Yamaha Generators

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Yamaha generators are the cleanest and quietest machines in the business. Take a look at some of the top of the line parts and special features, and see why they've won this name.

There is no such thing as the best Yamaha generators across the board. The perfect generator is a subjective phrase. The right generator is dependant on your specific needs. What's good for your neighbor may not be appropriate at all for you. What will you be using this generator for? Where will you be using it? When and how often? Do you have a vehicle at your disposal, or will you be lugging this thing on your back across the wilderness? The larger the generator, the more room you will need for Excedrin and Bengay. Is this generator going to be run in a residential area? You and your neighbors will not appreciate a loud buzzing noise for more than a few moments. What are fuel prices like in your area? Everyone wants gas-efficiency, peak performance, superior power rating, and maximum safety (not to mention all those nifty state of the art gadgets), but for some people, one of these features may be imperative. Remember that each feature is going to cost you, so choose the elements that are most important to you.

Yamaha is known for the cleanest and quietest generators in the business. Several features give Yamaha generators this title. Let's go through some of the more impressive specs, and maybe explain a few of the lesser understood features as well.

Yamaha generators are available from 1000 to 12000 watts, ranging from inverter, consumer to industrial.

Generators can be connected directly to your own natural gas line. This alleviates the cumbersome task of filling fuel tanks.

Yamaha generators' standby system starts automatically, even when you're not home. This is good because it means you will not come home to the pungent aroma of spoiled milk and salmonella chicken.

Electromagnetic shut off valves give you safe a reliable propane operation.

OVE stands for overhead valve. These machines are fuel efficient and smooth running.

12-volt DC output- allows you to charge 12v batteries.

ACR- fast easy starting

The cyclo-converter- replaces standard AVR, offers consistent AC power.

Eco throttle- maintains most efficient engine speed and power output for all loads.

Oil alert- turns generator off when the oil level gets below a certain point. This is a good feature as it prevents engine damage.

AC circuit breaker- automatic shut down in the event of short circuit or overload.

AC/DC circuit protector/automatic switch off for the DC GFCI receptacles- ground fault currents. This is a safety net for faulty insulation or improper installation.

Automatic idle/throttle- reduces engine speed when all loads/appliances are turned off or disconnected, and automatically returns to rated speed when turned on or reconnected. This feature works on optimum fuel efficiency

Large muffler- reduces noise and vibration, good if you have ill-tempered neighbors.

AVR- maintains a constant voltage output regardless of the load. This feature is good for running sensitive devices such as laptop computers.

2 or 4-wheel transport kit- easy management

120/240 switch- This is a useful feature that allows you to either apply full power to 120v equipment or regulated power to a 120/240 combination. When no 240v appliance is plugged in, it is recommended to keep the switch on 120v for maximum power.

Electronic ignition- easy starting and maintenance free operation.

Various indicator lights, hour meter, voltage, fuel and oil meters, pilot light- these all allow you to keep tabs on your machine, and notify you when something is wrong or needs to be changed.

Yamaha generators are an excellent automatic and continuous power alternative. All the factors mentioned above combine to determine the most suitable model for you. Whichever model you choose, rest assured, with Yamaha generators, you are getting a superior machine. Learn more about Yamaha generators, or generators in general with Uncle Bob.

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