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Wood Garage Kits

Wood Garage Kits

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Whether you're looking for a safe place to park your car at night or you need a little testosterone haven of your own to escape to occasionally, an outdoor garage answers your calling. And while you're living out your dream, why not begin the fun from the offset and build your own? Wood garage kits come with simple and easy to follow assembly instructions, and if you have a partner, the work is done almost before you've started! Once you're finished you will really feel like the king of your own palace.

Wooden garages also make a great outdoor room to stick, I mean, let your teenagers congregate with their friends. It's the best of both worlds; you can tell your wife confidently (as you roll back over) that the kids are at home and fine, and still enjoy the tranquility of a night with them sleeping at a friend's house. Don't worry about creating an unsupervised hangout; just threaten their reputations with life-sized nude baby pictures if you ever catch them doing anything you would do. That's right, their loud music, and (innocent!) raucous behavior doesn't have to keep you up until the wee hours of the morning any more. With a room detached from the main house, you can sleep peacefully while your kids play Grand Theft Auto 12 or watch Slaughterhouse 75 to their adolescent hearts' content. To quote Brian Regan 'Can life get better? I submit that it cannot!'

When choosing through the many wood garage kits available, there are several aspects you need to take into consideration. Aside from your own personal preferences such as what type or color wood to use and how much room to leave for the 64 hp desktop sander, you will want to peruse the wood garage kits for some of the following details as well.

Walls- How do they attach to one another? Are they interlocking or slip-joint?

Doors- Same question, how do they attach to the frame? How do they open? How many come in the kit? (Bear in mind that a single side door is very convenient and should be considered when purchasing or designing a garage.)

Windows- One more time, how are they attached to the walls? Where are they located? How many come in your kit? Nice natural lighting from large windows is always better to work with. Don't forget, though, that big windows let in more cold in the winter.

Floor- Some kits will purposely not provide floors because it is easier to use as a car park without one. If you don't intend to ever bring a car into the structure, make sure your kit comes with flooring.

Roof- Make sure the roof is structurally sound for your area's weather. I learned this difficult lesson after seeing a roof cave in on our Corvette because of too much snow piling up on it. Do you have any idea how much body work costs for a vintage Corvette?!

Internal area- Only you know what you'll be doing in your garage. Therefore only you know what you really need room for. Make sure there is sufficient space for your needs.

Wood- This garage is, at least, an extension of your home, and you want it to look just right. Which types of wood do these wood garage kits provide? Is the wood pre-treated, weather-resistant? Does it need any kind of varnish or finishing coat? Do these come in the kit, or do you have to purchase them separately?

Shingles- And finally, does your kit come with shingles for the roof or will you have to go out and find your own? Is there more than one color or style to choose from the shingles provided?

Also, you should check that you have the proper tools for assemblage, and double and triple check all your measurements. Remember the old school rule: measure twice, cut once. You are only making your own life easier.

Probably the best site I found for wood garage kits was Summerwood. http://www.summerwood.com/products/garages/index.html. This site is organized and informative, answering nearly any question you could possibly conjure during the planning and constructing stages of your garage. Summerwood has some beautiful designs for you to choose from for your wooden garage, but no worries if you don't like any of theirs. Summerwood also provides a design generator that allows you to draw up your own plans for a garage that is perfectly suited to you. (Make sure to leave plenty of room for a decent work table, tool rack, and power tool storage along the walls.) Quality and customer service are at the top of the list at Summerwood, so call in or email any questions you might have before and after ordering your kit. From building permits to varnish/finishing, Summerwood has thought of it all. This is an excellent way to go for great garages.

So don't wait any longer for your dream garage. Order your kit, design your own, or consult the pro's. Anyway you like it, there's a garage just waiting for you to bring it home! (For the ultimate in DIY projects, check out my article on wood garage plans.)

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