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What is the role of  chimney in the house

What is the role of chimney in the house

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What is the role of chimney in the house?

Chimney plays an important role in the house. The home that contains a fire place contains a chimney as well. Chimney helps in clearing the smoke. With the help of chimney all dust and smoke is thrown out of the house.

A large variety of options are available in chimney but you need to see few minor details before buying it.

Chimney does not fall in the category of diy. Chimney installation and construction can be very risky and you should take extra care while doing it. You should hire a professional for doing this. Large numbers of professionals are available in the market who have good amount of experience in installing chimneys.

How does chimney work?

Hot air that has been produced from gas, burning wood or any other alternatives rises up and causes a draft. Draft brings a large amount of air in the appliance and sends out cold air which is dense through chimney. Chimney works on the basic principal that hot air being lighter rises up.

Chimneys that are built in the factory provide good insulation so as to tolerate high temperature. Not only this, the chimney helps in isolating various combustible materials that can catch fire because of the high gas temperature in the air. The chimney is also important in making the flue gases warm so as to prevent fire hazards. Thus the places where fire accidents are more likely to take place because of the high gas temperature in the surrounding, there chimneys prove to be a boon.

As chimneys can prevent large accidents it is important to take at most due care while buying them for your workplace or house. Few important points to keep in mind are given as under:

  1. What is the use of chimney?
  2. Do you have the proper area for installing chimney?
  3. Is the chimney you are buying can withstand high temperature and pressure?
  4. Is it from a reliable manufacturing company?
  5. Is the company is giving you full warranty?
  6. Is the chimney can tolerate varying and severe weather conditions?

If you are purchasing a home where chimney is installed already then you should see that whether the chimney is installed properly or not.

Advantages of chimney-

If your chimney is filling the smoke in the room whenever you light fire in the room or if a foul odor is coming when it is not in use then it means that the chimney needs maintenance.

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