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If you've ever decided to find out what the wealthy know about income-generating low risk/maximum profitability options trading, you know it takes tons of research and a healthy dose of discernment to shuffle through the mountains of material (good and bad, helpful and misleading) to make good choices. Add to that the extreme emotional toll of putting your hard-earned money on the line when you don't feel sure about the choices you're making and it's no surprise that most people opt for doing nothing, especially in this economy.

Although the old adage "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" may seem like wise counsel as the economy slumbers and hiccups, the little bird you're cradling is actually losing vitality and value the longer you hold onto it. Big investors realize that these are the best times to buy in and achieve maximum profitability. They're not spooked. They're more cautious, more conservative than they've been in years, but they're still buying.

You know all this. Still, you hesitate. You just don't feel you know enough to try for a bigger piece of the pie yourself.

The good news is that what you need to know to succeed as an options trader isn't rocket science. All you need is the right basic information, which you can get free at www.UncleBobsMoney.com and you, too, can begin to invest in conservative, low-risk profits like the pros.

With Uncle Bob's super-easy tools you'll be able to take finding, trading and monitoring you options trades to maximum profitability. The site even has model portfolios for those who don't want to trade.

The basic, free materials at Uncle Bob's Money include everything you need to know to make conservative income-generating options trades that won't leave you feeling uncertain and unnerved.

And if you're too busy, too nervous, or too right-brained to do the research yourself, with a paid subscription to Uncle Bob's Money you'll have access to Bob's money managers who will suggest options and wisest exit points so all you need to do is place the trades through your broker.

Your options trades will also be subjected to a checklist that covers all bases to protect your investments. The checklist discerns the best time to trade and when to avoid the market altogether. Another checklist helps maximize profits when you're already invested in a trade.

Still another feature of the paid subscription is Trade Finder, a system that finds the right options trades using Uncle Bob's income-generating strategies to achieve the lowest risk and highest yield conservative levels possible. The final feature, Trade Monitor, maximizes your profits by taking your emotions out of the trading equation entirely so you can realize maximum profits without sleepless nights wondering and worrying.

Uncle Bob's Money managers know the options trading business inside and out. It's easy to meet a new friend in the options trading business online at Uncle Bob's without cost or obligation.

To find out more, visit www.UncleBobsMoney.com

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