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Simple Fireplace Designs

Simple Fireplace Designs

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The summer is gone in a flash, and fall fades far too soon. The winter comes so quickly. And with it comes the cold winds and teeth chattering rains. Don't wait until you already need it. Start your planning early. Here are some simple fireplace designs that you can replicate yourself. If you prefer to have a professional do the job, these simple fireplace designs can give you an idea of different possibilities for your addition.

A fireplace adds a unique element to a home, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Nice for kids to sit around with each other or the family pet, and perfect for the rare romantic evening for two, fireplaces are suitable for all. A family or social gathering is enhanced tremendously by the presence of a fireplace, and any holiday is made that much more festive in its glow.

There are many decisions that need to be made when installing a fireplace. The question is really, which is right for you. Wood, electric, and gas (within gas there are three options of direct vent, natural vent, or vent free) are the heating element choices. Let's take a look at each one separately.

Wood burning fireplaces will always give you the most authenticity and ambiance for your money. In my book, though, nothing replaces the original wood fireplaces. Both the aura and the heat given off have a feeling of faithfulness and reliability that I just don't get from their modern counterparts. Feeding the fire occasionally, or prodding at the crackling embers brings upon the home a tranquility that is priceless and unmatched by any other piece of furnishing you could own. For even more ease and convenience, purchase pre-cut blocks and logs of wood, and keep an ample supply at the ready.

Gas is the closest replacement you can get for a realistic wood burning fire. Researchers have spent years tinkering within their workshops to provide you with designs that are almost identical to the original look and feel of wood. Without extremely close inspection, many gas fireplaces will pass for the real deal. Gas burning fireplaces are also more cost efficient, saving you money on your heating bills during those long winter months. Gas is has other advantages over the conventional wood fireplaces. With gas fireplaces, no smoke is emitted into your home, producing just clean comforting heat. Installation options are more flexible when using gas; practically anywhere in your house is suitable for a gas fireplace installation. A cabinet or mantelpiece can be purchased as well to bolster the effect. When purchasing a gas fireplace, you can choose what type of wood to style yours after. There's no clean up or maintenance involved in gas fireplaces, and what's more, these babies can be controlled by remote control!

Electric fireplaces are good if you are not interested in dealing with gas. While guaranteed safety, some people prefer not to experiment with the gas lines, and vents involved with owning a gas fireplace. If this is you, or if you live in an area that has particularly high gas rates, install an electric fireplace for a beautiful fireplace effect without any mess or worry. The entire gamut of expediencies offered by gas fireplaces is true for the electric models, as well. In fact, installation options are even more abundant with the electric fireplace. (See below for see through or multi-sided fireplaces.)

There is one final option if you are interested in simple fireplace designs that are purely aesthetic. What I mean is, these "fireplaces" produce no heat, rather, they are enjoyed exclusively for the ambiance that they conjure. Gel fireplaces run from match-lit gel substance neatly contained in a tin, and discreetly set behind realistic looking logs that glow and further enhance the effect. Again, this is a good idea for those who cannot install a fireplace into their homes for whatever reason, or live in hot climates where additional heating agents are not required.

Here are some original ideas that you can use for your fireplace. If you have more than one room you wish to install the fireplace, and can't decide which one needs it more, try a multi-faced fireplace. You can enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace from two separate rooms. These pieces are installed into the joining wall, thus allowing both rooms to benefit from its heat and decor. If you have a wall that serves as an island between two rooms, you can have a fireplace covering three sides of the wall. These glass-contained models are really something special. Another magnificent idea is the corner design fireplace. These models are set into the corner of a room, and are absolutely stunning. I think the corner style fireplace works to further enhance the cozy atmosphere already present with the installation of a fireplace.

Which era or period your fireplace captures should be based largely upon the style of your home. Make sure that they match properly for the best ambiance effect. Choose from the many beautiful inlaid design and intricate detail that are re-visited in stone, brick, and wood. Some different simple fireplace designs include the traditional, contemporary, modern, French, Italian, Georgian, Victorian, Neo-Classic, Palladian, and Regency models. One thing you want to look out for regardless of design or style is a strong structural/architectural form. This is a key factor in preservation of the beauty of any fireplace. Poorly crafted structures, despite their outward appearance and splendor will produce at most short-lived pleasure for you and your loved-ones. If you enjoy lavishly carved mantels, browse through some Neo-Classic designs. If you are more interested in a simple uncomplicated piece, view the Palladian styles.

The material most often used in fireplace design is Limestone. This clean and sleek stone is very popular and comes in different shades. Marble is a bit more expensive, but has an obviously more elegant appearance.

As you can see, there are many options in the realm of fireplace designs. You need to decide which are best for you, your family, and your home. A fireplace certainly adds a unique and magical air regardless of the style choice. Envelope your family within the serene glow of a fireplace today.

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