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Salt-Water Generators

Salt-Water Generators

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Your pool is the summer haven for you and your family. After a long ten months of school, there's nothing your kids want more than to jump into that clean clear blue water. You know you also love the fresh and invigorating rush you get from a quick dip in the pool. But maintenance can sometimes sap all the fun and relaxation from an afternoon by the pool. If this is your problem, you need to get yourself a salt-water chlorine generator. These babies do it all, leaving nothing for you but a great day in the sun.

To understand the full beauty of salt-water chlorine generators, we should take a step back and explain chlorine generators. A chlorine generator uses electrolysis to create the chlorine constantly (simply, it does this by running water over a base element). This is a major benefit to you since it alleviates the bother of purchasing, transporting, and storing large amounts of chlorine all the time. Once chlorine enters your pool water, it automatically becomes hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is your main algae fighter, as well as bacteria killer, and keeps your pool water clean and healthy to swim in. That is how all chlorine (gas, tablet, liquid, or granular) works. Now here's the best part. Rather than having to be fed chemical chlorine often, the generator works off the natural salt within your pool water! No chemicals and no maintenance! Does life get any better?

Now that we understand the process, let's look at some of the benefits involved in salt-water generators.

Salt-water generators are safer and healthier

Unbalanced chlorine levels can be dangerous to our health. A generator always maintains balanced chlorine levels, so you don't have to worry about your pool being a safety hazard for your family and friends. There is also a risk of children getting into chlorine storage containers. No chlorine storage, no worries. Salt-water chlorine is gentler on the body and clothing, which means no red eyes, green hair, or worn out swimsuits.

Salt-water generators are cleaner

Because you are dealing with a natural element (salt), the entire process is a cleaner one. The water itself feels silky smooth and doesn't leave any of that white residue on you and your clothing. This means that you will leave the pool feeling refreshed and clean.

Salt-water generators require less maintenance

Once you've found the right balance for your pool, even Fido could run it! The only time you will need to touch the system after its initial run is during harsh weather conditions or after extremely heavy usage. In addition, since this is a cleaner production of chlorine, waterline scum build-up is dramatically reduced, even eliminated in some cases.

Salt-water generators are cost efficient

Just think of it. Never buy, lug, store, or handle chlorine again! Salt is prolific and cheap. The very occasional replenishment of this natural resource will cost you mere pennies.

The silver lining

Any salt-water generator that operates on less than 3500 ppm (parts per million) salt content will allow you to swim sans that ocean salt taste (that's a good thing). In case you want to pamper yourself a little more, though, here are a few extras you can look for:

-Constant digital monitoring of pH and FAC levels, keeping continuous chemistry balance in your pool

-Sensor-controlled out-put of chlorine based on demand

-Automatic temperature compensation for chlorine input

-Reverse polarity units that automatically run the system in reverse, cleansing the cell unit from all build up

*Remember: keeping your water chemically balanced is imperative to ensure that your generator is working properly at all times.

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