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Preventing Electrical Fires In Your Home

Preventing Electrical Fires In Your Home

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Preventing electrical fires can and should be a priority in your home. Did you know that tens of thousands of electrical residential fires occur annually in American homes, causing thousands of injuries and deaths and close to a billion dollars worth of damages? Faulty wiring, misuse of electric cords and fixed wiring account for most of the electric residential fires. By following these fundamental electrical fire safety tips, you can prevent electrical fires from occurring in your homes.

Before we get into the more technical electrical details, there are some obvious fire safety steps you can take to prevent electrical fires from ever happening:

Now for some ways of preventing electrical fires that you might not have thought of:

**Never use water to put out an electric fire. Adding water to an electric fire can cause the fire to get bigger and may lead to electrocution. The most important thing to do if an electric fire occurs is to shut off the electricity if this is possible. If not, leave the house immediately, and call 911.

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