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Portable Washers and Dryers

Portable Washers and Dryers

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Portable washers and dryers are perfect for those of you who haven't quite found your perfect nest. If the possibility of a move is anywhere within sight, you'll want to invest in a portable washer and dryer system. What makes a washing machine or dryer portable? Portable washing machines can be directly hooked up to any faucet allowing easy installation and disconnection. There's no messy plumbing job required to use the machine. Also, the drainage pipe empties the water from each load directly into your sink. Portable washing machines sit on gliding wheels to make for easy transfer. Just roll it in when you need to do a wash, and roll it out when not in use. (The most efficient way of storing a portable washer is in a small closet near the kitchen. It tucks away nicely, and, when you close the door, you don't even know it's there!) Dryers use 110-v electricity to get your clothing dry. Simply plug into any normal outlet, and let the machine do the rest. Foil vents can be directed out of a window. Lint traps can be used (these require emptying and cleaning occasionally) during the winter or if window accessibility is not convenient.

An alternative is the portable washer/dryer combo. These offer the same conveniences as regular portable washers and dryers, and only take up half the space! Imagine the efficiency and productivity of a portable washer and dryer all in one machine! Thor also offers a vent-less dryer system. With a little bit of technology and good ole condensation, water from the wet clothing is let out through the drainpipe of the washing cycle. This means no external vent is necessary, and no lint trap hassle, either.

Another option in the portable washing machine family is the Wonder Wash mini washing system. This seems to be a great choice for college students, singles, and people living in small areas. The wonder wash is a hydro-powered (that means no electricity!), fast-action (it will finish a load in less than ten minutes) cleaning machine, that gets your clothing clean quickly in an environmentally friendly way (using less water and detergent than a regular machine). The wonder wash is lightweight and compact for easy storage and transportation. If you fit into any of the categories above, this could be a worthwhile investment for you.

Cons: To every head, there also must be a tail. There are a few cons within the portable washer and dryer forum. Having never owned one myself, I cannot vouch for either side of the argument. I can only give you my opinion based on the extensive research I have done into the matter. Complaints I've heard are:

Doesn't ring out the laundry well, leaving the clothes still wet (this I heard only once in the many discussions I've had, so I would take it with a grain of salt)

Overflows (this is, admittedly, usually due to a blunder on the part of the owner not the machine. If something is in the sink during the drainage process, naturally, the sink will get clogged, and flooding will occur. These machines come with explicit instructions to empty your sink of all its contents, as even a sponge or rag can clog the drain.)

Dryer loads take longer than a regular load since it runs on a lower voltage.

Names to trust:

Thor has had a century-long reputation for being reliable, courteous, and dependable. If you want a brand that has been tried and true throughout the country and the ages, choose Thor.

Danby prides themselves in quality and commitment to customers. They provide a wide range of both washing machines and dryers with several operational features.

GE is a well-known and well-liked brand for dryers, portable or otherwise. They have several models you can choose from, are lightweight (as drying machines go, at any rate), and GE offers several space-efficient models, as well.

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