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Pool Fog

Pool Fog

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Pool fog is a chic addition to an already beautiful pool yard. It gives the area a serene feeling, and fills the air with that fresh dew smell. Mysterious, alluring, tropical, and exotic, pool fog can create the perfect atmosphere and ambiance you are trying for. Go for a nice night swim with someone you love. Add a romantic effect with enchanting fog. Are you traveling through the thick clouds of mist-covered Africa? No, it's just your backyard! Host a jungle-themed pool party and create a real mood, feeling, and natural environment of the Amazon. If your friends are the Dungeons and Dragons variety, you can really let your imaginations run wild with pool fog gaming ideas. Use this classic marshland setting to host your game nights. A thousand and one new scenarios will arise with this added element of mystery and fun! A Halloween bash is not complete without eerie fog floating around. Regardless of costume, your party will be voted number one! If you have young children, plan their next birthday to incorporate whimsical colorful fog. While the mist itself cannot be dyed or colored by adding agents into the water, using colored lanterns, or light bulbs will produce the same humorous effect. (Note: Whenever planning a party around the pool for youngsters, make sure you have plenty of adult supervision. When using fog as an entertaining feature, be on the look out for extra curious tykes!)

One way to achieve the pool fog effect is with dry ice. When dry ice comes in contact with water, it creates a smoky fog that permeates the area. The hotter the water, the more fog is produced. Also, smaller pieces of dry ice will emit more fog than large chunks, as there is more surface area to be activated. Usually, a 50 lbs. package of dry ice will produce pool fog for approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the temperature of your water. For a continuous fog effect, add dry ice pieces periodically. Remember, whenever handling dry ice, be sure to use thick safety gloves. The extreme temperature can burn through the skin.

Another affective tool often used to gain these same results is a fog machine. Placed close to the pool (perhaps beneath the pool deck), the machine will produce a thick cloud of wispy fog. Usually the fog produced by a machine will not cover the same amount of area as would the dry ice option, but it is more constant, and runs without the inconvenience of having to be constantly refilled.

Pool fog is so popular lately that many pool companies today will design some models with fog systems built into the plans. Pipes and tubes are run along the railings, decks, and patios to enhance your swimming or lounging experience. People often confuse pool fog with another popular trend; pool misting systems. Fog and mist are in fact, quite different in essence and function. Misting systems produce tiny droplets of water forced through a small area to create a liquid haze. Fog is thicker, smoky clouds; a bit of substantial nothing if you will. But a nothing with a mighty prominent presence nonetheless!

Give your pool a new look, feel, and aura with fog. You can change the colors (with the suggestion mentioned above), density and frequency of your fog to fit all different occasions. Have fun exploring all your different options with this exciting new novelty!

For an idea of what these systems can do, visit Fogco.com.

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