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Patio Misting Systems

Patio Misting Systems

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The heat of the summer is upon us, and with it comes the frantic urge to control and beat that heat. Each year, the challenge arises anew, confident that the heat will be victorious in this never-ending battle of man vs. nature. Well not this time, buddy, because there is finally a solution to your problem. Patio misting systems alleviate the dreaded and overpowering temperature without all the usual inconveniences. No changing clothes constantly, no running in and out of the shower or pool every few hours just to keep sane in the heat.

Patio misting systems provide a fresh cool blast of refreshing H2O strong enough for you to enjoy, but light enough for you to remain in your regular street clothes. Your next backyard party will be a smashing success with your own misting system hard at work. Hoses can be strategically placed all over your patio to deliver a breeze of coolness periodically to all of your guests. Don't bother packing the kids into the car for a ride to the dreaded public pool. With patio misting systems you can just get their suits on and leave the system running for a great sprinkler effect that kids are sure to love. Planning a vacation for the whole family? Great. No neighbors to water the lawn? Also great! With patio misting systems, you can attach timers to go off as often and for as long as you want.

Most patio misting systems that have had any science applied to their innovation will run under the following premise. Nature would have it that energy is required in order to change something from one form to another. These systems use the heat in the air as that energy to transform a fine stream of water from liquid form into gas form. Thus, the heat is eliminated, providing a cooler atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Systems are cheaper to buy and run than most central air or many individual units you might have. Plus you have the additional bonus of being outdoors. And, after all, who wants to be cooped up inside all summer?! For an easy do it yourself model patio misting system, try a company like Big Fogg. Systems run from about twenty to fifty dollars or so. Middle range systems from companies like Misty Mate or Arizona Mist average around fifty to eighty dollars per system. These are all good systems that provide decent and reliable results. For the average person, these systems are sufficient. That is, unless you're the type who likes to go for the big dogs. If so, check out Cool Line, Mr. Drip, or Advanced Misting System. Ranging in the one, two or even three thousand dollar areas, these are definitely more expensive systems. These obviously more advanced misting systems have been researched and tested for the most effective and efficient results possible. For the most professional system on the market, choose one of these babies. Advanced fans and misting systems not only provide a cool mist, but also minimize humidity in the general area, making your day that much more pleasant.

Features that you will find (and you should be on the look out for) in most decent patio misting systems are rust-free and heat-resistant parts, and water filter included. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but let me say a few words on behalf of filters. All water, regardless of where you live, has certain mineral deposits and sediment that can do damage to your system. A filter will safe-guard your misting system, allowing for a clean spray of mist and protection for the nozzles against damage. Even if the system you are looking at or have already purchased does not come with a filter, inquire as to whether the company sells a filter that you can use. Believe me, they are well worth the little bit of extra money.

So don't sweat it this summer. And certainly don't lock your family indoors the entire sunny season. Choose the third option. Pick up a new patio misting system, and let your family enjoy their vacation, even in your own backyard!

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