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Patio Design Ideas

Patio Design Ideas

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What could be more fun than owning your own patio? Designing that patio! Create your dream courtyard from your very own patio design ideas, and then see it come to life before your eyes. I know, it's exciting just thinking about it! Some things you'll want to consider are: how big do I want my patio to be? What shape do I want my patio to be and will this complement the surrounding area? (Here are some great landscaping ideas.) What materials should I have my patio made from? What is the overall purpose of my patio? Do I require or want a gate around my patio? If so, what style or era do I wish to capture with this addition?

Let yourself daydream a little, grab a pen and paper and catch some of those ideas, even in rough sketches or doodles. Just have fun with it at first, nothing too serious at this stage in the game. For now you're really just collecting the many patio design ideas that are floating around in your head. After all, you are creating your own little piece of Never Never Land, your escape from reality, your happy place to run away to. So allow yourself that time to just fantasize.

Once you've had that little bit of time for fun, you can start to weed out the unrealistic ideas from the possible patio design ideas. (You know, get rid of the marble pillars, and the cute Grecian men with the big fig leaves fanning you and feeding you grapes!) Consider the possibilities that are available to you, and then start putting them down on paper. Get outside and measure the area for an accurate size appraisal. If you're very ambitious about this patio, take a ride around a few nice neighborhoods, and see some ideas that other people utilized. Chances are, even if you don't like the exact design of one you see, you can get some epiphanies or small details from each one. Go online and view some patio designs that people are willing to share with the world. Again, even if the exact patio is not what you're looking for, you are bound to find a good idea or two.

Some things to consider during your mental perusings for patio design ideas:

Materials The material you use is very important. Choose one that complements your home and the surrounding area, as well as one that is weather-appropriate. Wood, stone, granite, and brick are all popular choices. (Read more about patio surface materials).

Shapes If you are making your own patio, keep in mind that rectangular and square shapes are, obviously, easier to build. Asymmetrical and round shaped patios, however, will certainly make for a more balanced appearance against most landscapes and are often more pleasing to the eye.

Styles There are many different styles and eras you can recreate when designing your patio. Find one that both satisfies your taste and agrees with your house. A colonial style house with a gothic style patio will not supplement one another at all.

Uses Another consideration is who will be using this patio. Are you dreaming of a quiet little escape for you and your loved one? Or is this meant to be used for entertainment and social gatherings? This is important to take into account, as it can determine how much room is allocated to floor space, and how much room you have for plant life, trellises, and other trimmings.

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Take your time cultivating these ideas before you put them into action. The word patio actually derives from the Old Spanish word pati, meaning pasture. And that's just what your patio should be; a peaceful and relaxing field of bliss and tranquility. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your meadow.

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