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Know everything you wish to know about Jacuzzis

Know everything you wish to know about Jacuzzis

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Know everything you wish to know about Jacuzzis

In a whirlpool, there is a tub that is fitted with piping, water jets and an electric pump. Water is circulated through the pipes by the pump with the help of underwater suction fitting as well as the underwater jets. Looking at the other side, a Jacuzzi is considered as an iconic fixture that is found in many American homes.

When you have a look at the dictionaries of Oxford or Webster, you will find Jacuzzi trademark is the one that invented the whirlpool bath. Jacuzzi Bros. that manufactures and distributes bathing and plumbing products is a major global company and its products are meant for not only residential but also commercial and other institutional markets. They are into manufacturing and selling whirlpool baths, showers, spas, sanitary ware, bath tubs and also professional drainage systems and commercial faucets along with several other plumbing products.

All this started in the early 1900’s when seven Jacuzzi brothers came to Italy from California. They were the first ones to invent the enclosed cabin high-wing monoplane that carried not only US Postal Service mail but also passengers from San Francisco Bay all the way to Yosemite National Park. After that, in 1956, the family created a hydrotherapy pump so as to be able to treat the arthritis problem faced by a family member. This J-300 hydrotherapy pump was quite portable and was sold to several hospitals as well as schools.

Roy Jacuzzi who was a third generation member of the Jacuzzi family had a passion for design and engineering. In 1968, he invented the first whirlpool bath called Roman by having jets incorporated into the sides of a bathtub. As Americans started showing more interest in health and fitness areas, Roy carried his new invention to different fairs and shows thus leading to the creation of a completely new industry single-handedly.

In 1970, the first spa was created by incorporating heating as well as filtration system that kept the water warm as well as clean. In 1979, Roy was the sole family member who continued with the business while the rest had left or retired.

New designs of Jacuzzi came up in the 80’s. The Avanza, an all-in-one product was created that had a hot tub as well as a whirlpool bath and could be fitted either in or outside the house. Other designs were created that kept on entering the market and capturing everyone’s attention.

It was Roy Jacuzzi, who brought hydrotherapy into our lives. Its benefits are well known to everyone. It helps in relaxing, reducing stress, providing relief from body aches and is a very revitalizing experience.

Along with whirlpool bath products and spas, Jacuzzi has managed to create a big niche for itself in the swimming industry. In a swimming pool, it is very necessary for the water to be very clear and clean. Jacuzzi manufactures pumps and filter systems of very high quality that help in maintaining swimming pools clean and clear.

Today, Jacuzzi is a very well known name all over the globe having created enormous goodwill for itself. Its products are of the best quality and people who wish for quality and complete satisfaction look no further than Jacuzzi. To get detailed information about all Jacuzzi products, log on to the following website,


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